Beguiristain . Lecumberri & Cidoncha

LR House . Cintruénigo

Iñigo Beguiristain . Lecumberri & Cidoncha . photos: © Iñaki Bergera . + AV

The starting point is a single requirement, a one-story house, on a small and almost square plot, with one of its sides open to a narrow street. The environment, a low density rural nucleus typical of the South of Navarre, is characterized by the heterogeneity of its buildings, with the uprooted aridity and the washed out tones of its facades as the only binding agent of the urban discourse. In this context, the strategy is based on the negation of the area, with a subtly muted facade and the vindication of the new architecture to provide interest and environmental quality to an introverted dwelling that looks at itself. Continue reading Beguiristain . Lecumberri & Cidoncha


Beguiristáin . GVG

ATECNA . Esquiroz


Íñigo Beguiristáin . GVG Estudio . photos: © Iñaki Bergera

Atecna is a company specialized in document management, founded in Pamplona 20 years ago. Its main aim is to help businesses increase their efficiency and improve their decision-making processes through better management of their documentation and data. It started its life as a traditional file custodian but has evolved over the past two decades into a provider of fully digitised document management and pro- cess automation services. Its rapid growth made it necessary to bring together in a single location all the warehouses and offices, which until now were scattered throughout the region. Continue reading Beguiristáin . GVG


Vaillo + Irigaray . Beguiristain

Remodelación Casa Jih . Pamplona

Vaillo + Irigaray .  Beguiristain . Remodelación Casa Jih . Pamplona (1)

Vaillo + Irigaray Architects . Iñigo Beguiristain . photos: © Iñaki Bergera . + plataforma arquitectura

Existía un proyecto original del que sólo se llegó a realizar la estructura, que permaneció inacabada, como tantas otras. Una mole de hormigón armado muy potente, caracterizada por las dos fachadas de la planta primera que, actuando como vigas de gran canto, soportan un generoso vuelo de más de 6 metros. A destacar también los patios ingleses, que permiten la ocupación total de la planta sótano, de modo que gran parte de la superficie habitable de la casa permanece oculta bajo el terreno. En la superficie se proponía una lectura de la obra terminada a modo de intersección o macla de dos volúmenes diferenciados, con distinta terminación, sobre los que se perforaban puntualmente los huecos de iluminación de la vivienda. Continue reading Vaillo + Irigaray . Beguiristain


Larraz . Beguiristain . Bergera


Javier Larraz . Iñigo Beguiristain . Iñaki Bergera . photos: © Iñaki Bergera . + archdaily

According to Louis I. Kahn the first school began under a tree, when a man who knew he was a teacher began to discuss what he had learned with others who did not know they were students. Like those students, children under 3 years old learn intuitively and unconsciously.
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