Walead Beshty

Copper Surrogates . 2017 – 2022

+ 601Artspace

Walead Beshty’s two “Copper Surrogates” are part of a series of minimalist sculptures which are both physical and deeply conceptual works. As per the artist’s instructions, the works are always handled without gloves, so that they bear the marks of the labor of the art handlers who touched them.The artwork is not merely the sculpture made in the studio; it’s what happened to the sculpture in the process of arriving at the gallery. It is the sum of the thing and everything that it went through to arrive at its final destination. Continue reading Walead Beshty


Nicholas Cheveldave

Untitled . 2022

+ diez gallery

The title of the exhibition, The Only Vision Is Zero, is taken from an advertisement printed in one of London’s daily commuter newspapers. This sentence’s innocuous, yet pointed corporate rhetoric, attempts to ignite the public’s trust in the belief that big business cares, luring us into false prospects of positive change and a more clean and stable future. Continue reading Nicholas Cheveldave