Cinthia Marcelle

A família em desordem . 2018-

Photos: © Miquel Coll . + MACBA

A Conjunction of Factors brings into focus the distinct aesthetics of Marcelle’s work – from the creation of atmospheric mise-en-scènes to the development of a poetics of accumulation, multiplication and repetition. The exhibition also draws attention to Marcelle’s established practice of engaging diverse participants – from manual workers and musicians to individuals she meets in daily life – in her artistic production. Continue reading Cinthia Marcelle


Julia Rommel

China Chalet . 2021

+ Bureau

Rommel begins, like many painters, by coating linen with repeating layers of gesso, a chalky primer. She plans out these expanses of thick, white underpainting – and those areas without – to create an architectural pattern upon which a painting of varying thickness and texture will result. Continue reading Julia Rommel


Dana Levy

The Weight Of Things . 2019

+ Fridman Gallery

Dana Levy’s two-channel video installation The Weight of Things depicts the interiors of two rooms of the Palace of Versailles – the bedroom of Louis XIV and Salle de Constantine – in the midst of an earthquake. Taking 19th century etchings of the rooms as source material, Levy separates and animates the intricate details: sculptures, tiny wall moldings, picture frames, furniture, balustrades. Continue reading Dana Levy


John Miller

Blip . 2022

+ Maxwell Graham/Essex Street

John Miller has surveyed the varied panorama of social life since his first solo exhibition at White Columns some 40 years ago. His work has represented reality television, dating advertisements, lunch breaks, rock and roll, Angela Davis, sports, fruit, and Yvonne Rainer — with whom he once studied. Miller freely uses diverse materials and media. Continue reading John Miller


Aleana Egan

made boats . 2017

photos: © Simon Mills . + Void

Egan has been deeply engaged with the work of British artist and psychoanalyst Marion Milner (1900-1998) and it is her attention to a wide-angled focus; the oceanic over a sharp pointed rational focus that she returns to. Her writings have influenced how Egan assembles the pieces and the gestural interpretations of the pieces. Continue reading Aleana Egan