Elmgreen & Dragset

Short Story . 2020

Elmgreen & Dragset . Short Story . 2020 afasia (2)

+ König Gallery

Short Story sets the stage for a match between two boys. When entering the gallery space visitors will encounter an almost full-size tennis court, slightly raised off the ground. A net in the middle divides the two players and creates a sort of horizontal diptych. The white lines painted onto the orange-brown ground surface not only indicate the set rules of the sport, but also visually remind us of the grid principles of Modernism and the road markings that regulate our behavioural patterns within public space. Continue reading Elmgreen & Dragset


Heidi Hahn

Folded Venus / Pomaded Sweater #1 . 2020

Folded Venus / Pomaded Sweater #1 . 2020

+ Nathalie Karg Gallery

I’d like to think paint has the capacity of giving texture to our feelings, opinions, and all the other things we aren’t meant to hold—with the residue of that material lending matter to the intangible. Continue reading Heidi Hahn


Neri Oxman

Silk Pavilion II . 2020

Neri Oxman . Silk Pavilion II . 2020  (3)

+ The Museum of Modern Art

What are radically sustainable methods for knitting, making and building in the age of the Anthropocene? How can humankind and members of other species such as silkworms collaborate in the construction of objects, products, and buildings? Continue reading Neri Oxman


Beatriz Zamora

El Negro . 2020

Beatriz Zamora . El Negro . 2020 afasia (1)


Since 1978, the more than 4,000 works produced by Beatriz Zamora (Mexico City, 1935) are all titled the same way: “El Negro”, followed by a serial number. As the artist has stated, black is nothing but the result of extensive philosophical research and experimentation of materials initiated in 1963 by using soil. Continue reading Beatriz Zamora



El pasillo . 2009

El pasillo . 2009

+ Golucho

Formado en la más pura estética castellana, realiza obras de una profundidad y de una expresividad remarcables. Golucho nunca ha buscado gustar con sus dibujos y pinturas, pero sí ha querido plasmar la realidad de los personajes que le obsesionan, personajes del día a día, que cobran vida propia a través de sus pinturas Continue reading Golucho