Spencer Finch

Rose Window at Saint-Denis (morning effect) . 2022

+ The Hill Art Foundation

Spencer Finch is best known for ethereal light installations that visualise his experience of natural phenomena. His investigations into the nature of light, colour, memory and perception manifest in watercolours, drawings, video and photographs. Continue reading Spencer Finch


Inga Domyala

Zikhali Mazembe . 2022

+ WHATIFTHEWORLD . photos: © Paris Brummer

The title ADAMAH is derived from the Hebrew word, meaning ‘land’, ‘the ground’, ‘soil’ or ‘red soil, red clay’; also ‘made from earths mud’ or ‘dark- coloured like earth’s soil’. There is an etymological link between the word adamah and the biblical Adam, who is said to be made ‘of the dust of the ground’ (Genesis 2:7). Continue reading Inga Domyala