Carlos Tárdez

La sonrisa del dragón . 2022

+ Pigment Gallery

On the canvas he tries to express the idea in the most direct way possible, his pictorial technique and the realism used are careful, generating simple and emphatic compositions in which the emptiness takes on a sense and in many cases carries the conceptual weight in a treatment of space that drinks directly from abstract painting. Continue reading Carlos Tárdez


Thomas Struth

Retired Detector, OPAL, CERN, Meyrin 2019 . 2019

+ Marian Goodman Gallery

Struth explores the construction of the built environment and authenticity in his vast urban landscapes. His fascination with metaphors of human progress and questions regarding human achievement are explored within the context of the representation of science, industry and technology. Continue reading Thomas Struth


David Adjaye

130 William Street Tower . New York

Adjaye Associates

Located in the Lower Manhattan financial district, near Tribeca and South Street Seaport, 130 William will rise 240 meters tall, making a bold architectural statement and a unique addition to Manhattan’s iconic skyline. The mixed-use high-rise is designed as a vertical city, complementing the residential spaces with retail and amenities – from health club to movie theater –, while a new public park at the base creates a transition area from the street to the residences. With this broad program the project expands on the studies of density in cities and seeks redefining life in vertical neighborhoods. Continue reading David Adjaye