Ulrich Rückriem

Relieve bajo . 1981 / 2019

Relieve bajo . 1981 / 2019

+ Heinrich Ehrhardt

In 1968, Rückriem extracted the maximum regular cube possible from a dolomite block. Sawing it on each of its faces, he cut the cube into two equal wedges: the simplicity and restraint of this gesture is synthesised in the separation of the cube into practically equal parts and their subsequent reunion. Continue reading Ulrich Rückriem


Norbert Schwontkowski

Ohne Titel (Dach) . 2009 – 2012

Ohne Titel (Dach) .  2009 - 2012

+ Contemporary Fine Arts

Schwontkowski’s landscapes are often described as in-between places, occupying the “gap between the mythical and the mundane” (Blind Faith, “Schwontkowskiesque”, Jens Hoffman). He renders these places in a milky light using pulverized pigments, linseen oil, metal oxide, binding colors and bone glue. Neither here, nor there, the solitary character enveloped in endless expanse, anchored by a lonely landmark. Continue reading Norbert Schwontkowski


Cecilia Vicuña

Quipus Visceral . 2017

Cecilia Vicuña . Quipus Visceral . 2017 afasia (1)

+ Lehmann Maupin

Vicuña’s Quipu (translated as “knot” from Quechua) works reinvent the ancient Andean system that recorded statistics and narratives through the knotting of colored thread. Historically, the quipu has been regarded as a simple bureaucratic device, but research demonstrates they represented a complex system of knowledge with symbolic and virtual dimensions of enormous existential and social value that connected communities. Continue reading Cecilia Vicuña


Elmgreen & Dragset

It’s Not What You Think . 2019

Elmgreen & Dragset . It's Not What You Think . 2019 afasia (1)

photos: © Photography Roberto Ruiz . + The Blueproject Foundation

“It’s Not What You Think” transforms Il Salotto into a different setting: an abandoned, underground boiler room with tubes crisscrossing the space. The artist duo continues their practice of altering art spaces by turning the white cube gallery room into a location that contrasts the discreet format in which contemporary art is normally presented. Continue reading Elmgreen & Dragset