Brandon Tauszik

Pale Blue Dress

Brandon Tauszik . Pale Blue Dress afasia (1)

+ Pale Blue Dress

In the meantime, reenactors continue to answer the call, mustering not only on the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg and Shiloh but also further afield. The photographs in Brandon Tauszik’s body of work were made in northern and central California. A continent removed from the main theaters of war, California is home to half a dozen Civil War reenactment organizations, which between them stage some twenty events per year. Continue reading Brandon Tauszik


Carola Grahn

Fasad . 2020

Fasad . 2020

photos: © Hendrik Zeitler . + Röda Sten Konsthall

In I Have Scrutinized Every Stone and Log on the Southwest Side of the Mountain, Carola Grahn unfolds her ongoing investigation of the gap between how society looks at her, as sami, artist, white, woman, mother, whatever… and how she perceives herself and the world. The gap between the person and all the roles she is expected to play in relation to other people as well as society-at-large. The failure of each attempt at constructing the imaginary other. Continue reading Carola Grahn


Eva Lootz

Tres conos . 2020

Eva Lootz . Tres conos . 2020 Patio Herreriano afasia (1)

+ Museo Patio Herreriano

There is a kind of revisionist desire in what underlies the “reverse of monuments”, from which Lootz aims at a new interpretation of history. We understand her commemorative sculpture as the celebration in stone of a significant deed destined to reinforce the hegemonic reading of the past of a nation. The installation in the chapel opposes this with the literal materiality of iron oxide, obtained from the earth, which suggests, by means of the naked presentation of the material, a return to the roots not only of monuments, but also of civilization itself. Continue reading Eva Lootz