Andreas Gursky

Eisläufer (ice skater) . 2021

+ White Cube Bermondsey

Gursky’s subjects –from multinational headquarters to fashion runways, a domestic interior to a political seminar– take on a scale akin to that of history painting. In so doing, Gursky gives spatial precedence to the pressing issues of our age, articulated through expansive scenes that reveal their pictorial complexity. Continue reading Andreas Gursky


Lucía Gorostegui

Lugar, Umbral . 2022


Así, imágenes pictóricas que parecen surgir de la mera contemplación se intercalan sutilmente con otras que, por el contrario, revelan una actuación directa de la artista sobre el espacio fotografiado: en él, bodegones y esculturas efímeras exploran la tensión entre lo casual y lo intervenido. Continue reading Lucía Gorostegui


Ilse d’Hollander

Untitled . 1996

+ diez

In 1980, D’Hollander decided to devote herself exclusively to painting. Painting was a deeply unfashionable discipline at the time, but D’Hollander was summoned by the slow medium of painting before she became a teenager, and that for the rest of her short life she never wavered in her commitment. Continue reading Ilse d’Hollander