Issei Suda

Adachi-ku . 1981

Adachi-ku . 1981


Issei Suda (b. 1940 – d. 2019) began his long and celebrated career in 1967 as a stage photographer of avantgarde Japanese theatre. His travels through Japan during the early 1970s inspired much of his work at the time and concentrated on street scenes. Continue reading Issei Suda


Paul P

Untitled . 2018

01 Paul P . Untitled . 2018

+ Queer Thoughts

Like the person of Tennant himself, P.’s collage offers a codex for the indirect modes of presentation and signification that inform the artist’s work, such as the relay of affinities across time, the filigree that encodes inclinations, and the oblique queer reasoning that doesn’t necessarily require the effable and the plastic to perform its seditious role. Continue reading Paul P


James Turrell

Roden Crater

afasia James Turrell . Roden Crater (2)

+ Roden Crater

Roden Crater, located in the Painted Desert region of Northern Arizona, is an unprecedented large-scale artwork created within a volcanic cinder cone by light and space artist James Turrell. Representing the culmination of the artist’s lifelong research in the field of human visual and psychological perception, Roden Crater is a controlled environment for the experiencing and contemplation of light. Continue reading James Turrell