David Adjaye

1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East . New York

David Adjaye . 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East . New York Dror Baldinger afasia (1)

Adjaye Associates . photos: © Dror Baldinger

The Public Member Spaces for the new headquarters of the 1199SEIU— the largest health care union in the United States— is a project that aims to embody the principles, ethos and achievements of its tenant. With a galvanizing history since its founding in 1932, the project holds the spirit of the union which works to organize and efficiently consolidate all operations under one roof. As a space of social justice, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself referred to the union as “the authentic conscience of the labor movement”, the design concept is born out of the engaged and politically active community of 1199SEIU. Continue reading David Adjaye


Luigi Serboli

PR house . BRESCIA

Luigi Serboli . PR house . BRESCIA Simone Bossi afasia (1)

Luigi Serboli . photos: © Simone Bossi

The PR house stands in a lot which already hosted a detached house built in the sixties.
The foothill scenery, the nearby Cidneo hill and the fifteenth-century Visconti Castle have imposed the use of a language respectful of a precious and exceptional environment.
The proposed design has significantly modified the spatial and compositional relationships of the existing building in favour of a construction of rigorous architecture. The stereometric, material and chromatic choices adopted mediate the relationship with the surrounding and privilege a sense of belonging to the place. The house does not impose itself as a novelty but inserts itself in the site as a mindful addition. Through an architecture able to join and blend itself with the surrounding landscape the intervention establishes a new empathy between building and place. Continue reading Luigi Serboli