VON M . HOTEL BAUHOFSTRASSE . Ludwigsburg afasia (1)

VON M . photos: © Brigida González . + baunetz

Durch seine exponierte Lage, in einem seit Jahren städtebaulich vernachlässigten Gebiet, setzt das Gebäude insbesondere Akzente in architektonischer, bautechnischer und ökologischer Sicht und leistet dabei einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Revitalisierung und Aufwertung des Umfeldes. Continue reading VON M



Mayflower housing . Nantes

ECDM . Mayflower housing . Nantes afasia (1)

ECDM . photos: © Salem Mostefaoui

Geometric, quantified, the void is the predominant material of facades. Organized in an accumulation of cavities, the voids multiply the surface of the accommodation by adding external volumes; contained volumes where everyone’s privacy is defined and protected by a constructive framework: half-balcony, half loggia but certainly extension areas for housing that is never large enough. The fundamental and structuring choice of the project is to offer all housing large extension areas, with an architecture that allows the greatest number of housing to be extended by generous semi-outdoor spaces in the form of loggias, multiplied balconies. Continue reading ECDM


Schenk Hattori

Housing Complex . Niigata

afasia Schenk Hattori . Housing Complex . Niigata (1)

Schenk Hattori Architecture Atelier

This overall composition is an aesthetical machine about the co-existence of generations. As we will be removing small parts of the existing grown housing complex to divide it again, the strong and heavy stone roof will remain. In its symbolism and heritage value it is able to cultivate the in-between of the houses as it defines a covered garden as a new collective element. Continue reading Schenk Hattori