Nathorst . Dalla Santa . Mesko

All Blues jewellery . Stockholm

Nathorst . Dalla Santa . Mesko . All Blues jewellery . Stockholm Mikael Olsson afasia (3)

Fredrik Nathorst . Jack Dalla Santa . Linnea Mesko . photo: © Mikael Olsson

What used to be a two floor store is now a single voluminous room. At centre stage there is a 1300 kilograms glass house, acting as a display, framed by naked stripped-down walls and a white terrazzo flooring. There’s a 3,6 meters freestanding mirror barely reaching the 4,7 meters raw ceiling. Continue reading Nathorst . Dalla Santa . Mesko


KAAN Architecten

National War Cemetery Pavilion. Loenen

KAAN Architecten . National War Cemetery Pavilion. Loenen Simone Bossi  AFASIA (1)

KAAN Architecten . photo: © Simone Bossi

The Loenen National War Cemetery site, one of the two located on Dutch territory, was designed by landscape architect Daniel Haspels (1894-1954) shortly after the Second World War, reflecting the landscape of the area with its clusters of wispy trees that honour the peaceful environment and bring comfort to the bereaved. KAAN Architecten opted to draw the trees and building together, letting the trees dictate the structure’s form, to achieve a fusion of architecture and landscaped nature. Continue reading KAAN Architecten



Koning Noord apartment building . Antwerp

Filip Dujardin © META


In the Slachthuis district in Antwerp, META has completed the Koning Noord apartment building: a project with 26 houses, a crèche and a workspace.
Commissioned by ISTATE, META designed 2 volumes in raw concrete, connected them with a plinth around an inner garden and finished the building with gold-coloured anodised aluminium joinery and balustrades.
By prioritising rigorous rationality in both concept and execution, META makes room for the design of a generous building. Continue reading META