William Eggleston

Untitled . c. 1970-1973

+ David Zwirner

The Outlands series provides an opportunity to appreciate the breadth of Eggleston’s early color photography and recognize the larger themes and concerns in his work, which go beyond the initial debates they incited concerning their relationship with the so-called snapshot aesthetic and the place of color photography within the arts more generally. Continue reading William Eggleston



Recycling Beauty . Milan

OMA . photos: © Roberto Marossi

The exhibitions of Salvatore Settis are based on a thesis; they are also polemics. The “designer” has to create a space in which an intellectual argument can unfold.

Antiquity is used to make arguments about the contemporary condition. Serial Classic (Fondazione Prada’s opening exhibition in Spring 2015) gave a timely signal, the potential irrelevance of too much individuality in art – his new show suggests how Antiquity’s “extreme clarity” enables it to return, recycled, in later periods. Continue reading OMA