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In MANIERA’s 4th series, entitled Dust Free Friends, 6a architects re-examines the long tradition of self-build that has shared the journey through modernism with industry and craft. A lot has happened since Enzo Mari opened the field of designer furniture to the user with his ‘autoprogettazione’. Affordable lifestyle consumerism has more or less ousted messy and old-fashioned DIY from our homes. Continue reading 6a architects



House with Two Chimneys . St. Louis

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MOS architects

This house provides an intimate experience connected to its surroundings through its design: large windows; tall ceilings; spaces full of light; the tactility of wood, stone, and brick; and a connection with nature. It is a house within a garden, and gardens within a house. Continue reading MOS


Diener & Diener

Administrative Building Picassoplatz . Basel

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Diener & Diener Architekten

This administration building for an insurance company stands on the Picassoplatz. This square, while centrally located, does not belong to Basel’s historic city center. In place of the contiguous buildings of a city block, here the buildings are loosely arranged in a staggered formation. Gaps between the office buildings from the 1950s and 1960s that make up the outer perimeter provide a view of the square’s interior. Continue reading Diener & Diener