David Chipperfield

Rinascente department store . Milan

David Chipperfield . Rinascente department store . Milan afasia

David Chipperfield Architects . photo: © Alberto Parise

Rinascente department store in Milan has opened its fifth floor to the public following completion of the first phase of the renovation project. The interior design, developed by David Chipperfield Architects Milan in collaboration with Rinascente, includes a large central area defined by a grey granite ‘carpet’ on which a collection of maple wood furnishings are positioned to display multi-brand products. The mono-brand products are placed around the perimeter beyond a glass ‘skirt’. Continue reading David Chipperfield



Tervajärvi Forest Chapel . LEMPÄÄLÄ

NOAN . Tervajärvi Forest Chapel . LEMPÄÄLÄ afasia (1)

Architecturestudio NOAN . photos: © Essi Nisonen . + archdaily

The Forest Chapel (Metsäkappeli) is a new addition to the Tervajärvi campground owned by the parish of Lempäälä. The chapel will mainly serve as the camp church for confirmation camps and as a venue for small weddings or christenings.

As the assembly of the chapel was carried out by volunteers, professionals were entrusted with the more demanding individual phases. All the glulam parts, for example, came prefabricated from a factory. The volunteer team’s commitment to the project and the close cooperation between the wood component supplier and the principal designer made it possible to explore various design solutions and try them out on site. Continue reading NOAN



six houses and a garden . porto

Fala . six houses and a garden . porto afasia ricardo loureiro (2)

Fala Atelier . photos: © ricardo loureiro

Two buildings with a similar appearance, one very long and another very short. Six houses – four identical and two exceptional – around one common garden, hidden inside a city block. One architecture tying the fragmented reality.

The composition of each inner space combines orthogonal, diagonal and curved lines. The slightly distorted perimeter of the rooms sets the frames; the main spaces come from a subtraction of conflicting surfaces that comprise secondary programs. The thin metal poles bring in vertical tension; the round openings connect uneven programs. Acting within a very small volume, this combination of ambivalent geometries achieves quite unconventional living rooms. Continue reading Fala


Junya Ishigami

House & restaurant . Yamaguchi

afasia Junya Ishigami . House & restaurant . Yamaguchi  (1)

Junya Ishigami and Associates . photos: © Satoru EMOTO . + arqa

I am thinking about architecture that is like a rock. When I gaze at a rock I become fascinated by its diversity and complexity. This may be due to the serendipity that occurs within the process of rock formation.

Some rocks remind me of the shape of a face, and other ones remind me of a saw. There are rocks with huge holes, and others that are as enormous as a mountain. Rocks are solid structures that are also sculptural; they are landscapes that can shape a space with infinite variations. Continue reading Junya Ishigami