Pezo von Ellrichshausen

Cien House . CONCEPCIóN

Pezo von Ellrichshausen . Cien House . CONCEPCIóN (1)

Pezo von Ellrichshausen . photos: © Pezo von Ellrichshausen . + divisare

Decisive coincidences such as the amount of steps on a hill path nearby, or the statue of an old cypress that reminds those described by Walter Pater, or even the whole number of the elevation above sea level that defines the podium could be used to explain the format of this building’s silhouette. But the reasons that shape a house are always others; always the same ones. Within two unified formats, an extended floor plan and a concentrated one, we organize the same unit twelve times: a square figure asymmetrically divided into four rooms. Sometimes central, others lateral, or even in a diagonal disposition, each unit establishes a different relation amongst the rooms. Continue reading Pezo von Ellrichshausen



Patio house . Esporles

F451 . Patio house . Esporles (1)

F451 Arquitectura (Miba + SiO2) . photos: © José Hevia

The house is located in a new residential area facing the historical village of Esporles. Urban regulations for this new residential area establish 3m setback form each side of the plot, which slopes down to the north having a 3m difference from south side to north side. Views strictly follow the axis south (mountain and sun) north (old village). East and west will have very close neighbors.
The proposal is the result of placing a classic 1 level central patio house typology on a 45 degree slope. Continue reading f451


Dominique Perrault

Longchamp Racecourse . Paris

© DPA/Adagp

Dominique Perrault Architecture . photos: © Vincent Fillon

The renewal of the Longchamp racecourse should ensure that it maintains its place in both the Grand Paris and on the international scene of the world’s major racecourses.
Such an ambitious goal must be guided not only by an emblematic architectural project that can be adapted to future needs, but also a landscape project that transfigures the area, highlighting the built legacy, the historical heritage of the racecourse, and especially the green heritage of the Bois de Boulogne, which originated in the composition designed by Alphand in the 19th century.
The race for the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is the highpoint of the life of the racecourse. Therefore, the main challenge of this project is for it to be able to host this event, which draws up to 60,000 spectators, under exceptional conditions, while also welcoming a much smaller crowd on ordinary racing days. Continue reading Dominique Perrault