Telhan . elii


Telhan . elii . MICROBIAL FRUITS (MFoI) . ISTANBUL Engin Gerçek afasia (5)

Orkan Telhan + elii [oficina de arquitectura] . photos: © Engin Gerçek

Microbial Fruits of Istanbul is a platform that narrates the complex histories of Istanbul’s community gardens (called bostans) from the microbes’ point of view. This is a garden of gardens, a cross between a soil microbiology laboratory and a fruit tree showcasing microbial cultures collected in this historic gardens for more than 1500 years. Continue reading Telhan . elii


elii . Jerez

AWOMAWO . Madrid

elii . AWOMAWO . Madrid afasia ImagenSubliminal Guzmán + Romero Casa Decor  (1)

elii . María Jerez . photos: © ImagenSubliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

The 2020 edition of Casa Decor was held this year in an emblematic building designed by the architect José Espelíus Anduaga, located in the Madrid’s upscale Salamanca neighborhood. From this early 20th century building, the Simon space will give Casa Decor visitors pause to reflect on the world to come in the 21st century.

AWOMAWO (A World Of MAny WOrlds) is a meeting place for different worlds. The project is set up as a space within another space, a place to experience a world of many worlds, a cosmos that can be transformed through light… Continue reading elii . Jerez




Elii . ECOVISIONARIOS . Madrid afasia (2)

Elii . photos: © Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

ECO-VISIONARIES brings together the work of more than forty artists and architects who reflect on the urgency of the environmental crisis the planet is experiencing. Curated by Pedro Gadanho and Mariana Pestana, this is a living exhibition that is updated at each location by adding the works of new artists to the exhibition. On this occasion, it will be featured at the Matadero, Madrid’s centre for contemporary creation, under the subtitle ‘Art for a planet in emergency’, along with an exhibition called ‘Jardín Cyborg – Instituto Mutante de Narrativas Ambientales’ (Cyborg Garden – Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives’). Together, both exhibitions feature am ensemble of works by contemporary artists that address climate change as a crucial challenge of our time. Continue reading Elii



Cyborg Garden . Madrid

Elii . photos: © Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

The exhibition ‘Cyborg Garden – Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives’ shows the preliminary results of research done by an interdisciplinary team of specialist with a two-fold aim. First, to define strategies for adapting to climate change in public spaces, to be materialized in the ‘plantation’ of a Cyborg Garden at Matadero Madrid. Second, to analyze the stance of art with respect to the environmental crisis and how art can contribute to broadening imaginaries and ecosystem narratives through the Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives (IMNA). Continue reading Elii



Øki . Madrid

elii . Øki . Madrid afasia (1)

elii . photos: © Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero) . + archilovers

The project involves the complete rehabbing of a flat in the southwest of Madrid. A young person decides to renovate the family home where he grew up and lived for many years to turn it into his new home and professional office. The project starts off with a review of memories, experiences and life lessons, to rethink the present and imagine a future for this new stage of life. The challenge lies in designing a space that facilitates, accelerates and accompanies this process; to devise a sort of home catalyst, located in the heart of a residential building in the neighborhood of Las Aguilas in the district of La Latina. Continue reading elii