BNP . Bruxelles

AgwA . architecten jan de vylder inge vinck

The design of the project presented in the BNP competition is influenced by three ambitions.

First, investigate the nature of the massive brutalist building of the former CGER by Erauw Lievens Douglas (AB), the elegant housing typologies by Wybauw, De Doncker and Samyn (F), both listed in the heritage inventory of the Brussels Region, and the strangely remote Rothschild building in the back of these two structures. Continue reading AgwA . AJDVIV


de vylder vinck taillieu

kraakje daycare center . Ukkel

afasia de vylder vinck taillieu . kraakje daycare center . Ukkel (1)

de vylder vinck taillieu . photos: © Filip Dujardin

A daycare centre next to a church. A daycare with a cadence of roofs not unfamiliar to the cadence of the roofs of the side aisles of the church. Simultaneously a scale not unlike the scale of a house. Because daycare is also the second house. And the street between church and daycare as a place to play. Covered by a conservatory. In this case, it has to be. Continue reading de vylder vinck taillieu