De Vylder Vinck Taillieu

Single family house

Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu . photos: © Filip Dujardin

A former worker’s house/workers’ cafe with a bar. Transform into a dwelling with a studio for a woman artist. Between the main building and the outhouse, get rid of everything, in favour of a garden.

And then: a roof that slides open. A sliding roof like the pitched roof of the studio at the back. A sliding roof made of glass. Of glasshouse glass. Like the way that near Gent, in Lochristi, glasshouses used to be pulled away from the azaleas by horses to leave them in the open air. Or the other way around. Like that. But with a spindle and a gear-rack now.

That sliding roof; covers a room. Or is it a garden. The grass really is grass. Or sometimes a green carpet. The roof slides. Can open all the way. Or close completely. Usually somewhere in-between. As required. Would you like the snow on top today. Or inside. Which do you want?

And the house. And the studio. The handsome walls sometimes bare. Sometimes white, for the light.

The staircase cuts from below to the first floor. Or opens and folds from upstairs to the attic. My attic.

But everything bare. Wall. Cable. Damage or trace. Structure. And silver paper.