Luca Selva

Puzzle | Apartments in Gellertpark . Basel

Luca Selva Architekten . Puzzle  Apartments in Gellertpark . Basel (1)

Luca Selva Architekten . photos: © Yohan Zerdoun

The building takes its shape from the placement in the center of a park-like plot. This setting creates very specific floorplans with an immediate reference to the outdoors that is staged by the circumferential balconies. The orthogonal internal organization of the floorplans very much contrast with the organic external form. This tension provides a spatial and atmospherical value for the building. Continue reading Luca Selva



Junshan Cultural Center. Beijing

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Neri&Hu . photos: © Pedro Pegenaute

Junshan Cultural Center is located just outside of Beijing in the midst of the undulating mountain ranges and meandering rivers near the Miyun Resevoir. The cultural center for the golf villa is a three-story building situated quietly on the lush bank of the Bai River. Originally just a typical two-story sales building on the outskirts of Beijing, Neri&Hu was asked to transform this donut-shaped building into an iconic clubhouse and sales center. Neri&Hu took advantage of the existing courtyard typology by crafting two sequences of interlocking journeys, one for clubhouse member, and one for sales center guest. All programmed spaces are designed such that they are in proximity to nature. The layering of the primary courtyard and smaller gardens allow the architecture to merge harmoniously with nature. Continue reading Neri&Hu