BIG . Heatherwick

NORTH BAYSHORE master plan . Mountain View

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BIG . Heatherwick Studio

Google announces it will cooperate with the large-scale development plan of Mountain View. Designs for massive 3.12 million square-foot ‘village’ campus in Mountain View has been revealed to complete with 8,000 homes, parks, cinemas and shops. The development is separate from its plans for ‘Charleston East’ headquarters. Continue reading BIG . Heatherwick


Kofink Schels

A Simple House Close To Its Neighbour

Kofink Schels . A Simple House Close To Its Neighbour  (2)

Buero Kofink Schels . photos: © Simon Jüttner

Between a small river and the railway tracks an existing house broadly covers the center of a triangular plot. As a low cost extension a simple narrow house squeezes in between the existing building and the perimeter of the plot. A 14m long precast concrete element sits tight in between the two houses connecting them as balcony and canopy covering the access and the entrances of both. It is this connection of the two buildings, that makes it an extension according to building laws, the only possibility to build an additional volume on the plot. The house is built in monolithic brick, it´s walls plastered on both sides not using styrofoam for construction or insulation reasons. The fine finish of the roof tiles at the gable is a traditional detail that has been widely used in profane architecture of the region. Continue reading Kofink Schels