Magén Arquitectos

Philosophy Faculty . Zaragoza

Magén Arquitectos . photos: © Rubén Pérez Bescós

The project proposes an intervention that, for the first time in its history, affects the entire building, its extension and the adjacent exterior spaces. It is, therefore, an opportunity for the integration and adaptation of the complex, taking into account the relationship between its different parts and volumes, and proposing a unitary and coherent reading of the resulting synthesis. Continue reading Magén Arquitectos


Orawan Arunrak

Counting . 2019

+ Bangkok CityCity Gallery

Orawan Arunrak’s artwork – largely inspired by her everyday life – encompasses diverse forms such as drawing, painting, and installation, employing tools like pencils, pens, paper, but also photography and the internet. Her practice meticulously engages with local communities, endeavouring to dissolve boundaries between conventional art and non-art spaces. She navigates through multifaceted terrains of national, cultural, and spiritual identities, crafting pieces that reflect both similarities and divergences of her domiciles in Asia and Europe. Continue reading Orawan Arunrak