Greenpoint Landing . New York

OMA Jason Long

Greenpoint lies at the northernmost tip of Brooklyn where Newtown Creek meets the East River. The neighborhood—sometimes called “Little Poland”—has historically consisted of low-rise townhouses with industry at its waterfront edges. The industrial border, which included shipbuilding, rope-making, and more toxic activities such as petroleum refinement, cut the neighborhood off from the East River. Continue reading OMA


Lacroix Chessex

House in La Capite . Vésenaz

Lacroix Chessex Architectes . photos: © Olivier di Giambattista

This project is located in Vésenaz at Route de la Capite 159. The strip-shaped plot is typical of parcels in the area, and covers a surface of 464 m2 (60 m long and 8 m wide). Facing south-east / north-west and featuring a steep slope (8m), the plot provides the house – located on the highest point – with clear views on the lake and the Jura from its front garden. The street-side facade overlooks the protected area on the Route de la Capite. Continue reading Lacroix Chessex


Ruinelli Associati

Studio Cascina Garbald . Castasegna

Ruinelli Associati . photos: © Marcello Mariana

The Studio Cascina is situated in the field behind the building complex of the Villa Garbald. The house is a reconstruction of the former chestnut kiln that once stood here and has the same location, volume and height – not only because this is what the building regulations prescribe, but also because the architects sought to establish a sensitive approach to the development and to the landscape. Continue reading Ruinelli Associati



IQON . Quito

BIG. photos: © Pablo Casals Aguirre . BICUBIC

Traditionally a city of dense low-rise buildings, the skyline of Quito was re-imagined following the relocation of the city-center airport over a decade ago. With the skyline able to grow upwards, Uribe Schwarzkopf hired BIG in 2017 to design a 390,000 sq ft mixed-use residential building, including 215 residences, commercial units, office spaces, and a variety of amenities. In addition to IQON, BIG and Uribe Schwarzkopf’s EPIQ Residences, located nearby, is slated to finish construction in 2023. Continue reading ‎BIG


Enzmann Fischer

Dreifachsporthalle . Eschenbach

Enzmann Fischer Partner . photos: © Karina Castro

After five years of planning and preparation, the new sports facility at Dorftreff Eschenbach is the largest infrastructure project in the history of the municipality.
The previous multi-purpose building is now expanded with a modern and contemporary extension as sports facility with a grandstand, having sufficient capacity for training, competitions and events that can be held parallel to the sports activities. Continue reading Enzmann Fischer