four towers . Barcelona

BAAS . four towers . Barcelona afasia (1)


The building is located in Poble Nou, one of Barcelona’s historic districts. Its most characteristic features are the ceramic brick that has built the factories and their chimneys and a proportion of vertical windows which is very characteristic of traditional architecture.

In recent years, most of the architecture that has been built there has proposed falsely modern iconic buildings based on curtain wall and steel, which have little to do with the past of the place. Undoubtedly this has diminished the quality of the public space. Continue reading BAAS


Abraha Achermann

court house extension . Münchwilen

Abraha Achermann . court house extension  . Münchwilen afasia (1)

Atelier Abraha Achermann . photos: © Rasmus Norlander

A listed court house designed by archi­tect Albert Bren­ner (a stu­dent of Gus­tav Gull) dat­ing back to 1906 has been refur­bished and extended. The build­ing and the com­plex as a whole have a newly cre­ated dual­ity which restruc­tures the site, cre­at­ing a direct dia­logue between the exist­ing and the new build­ing. The house-shaped vol­ume of the exten­sion is con­sis­tent in its geo­met­ri­cal, spa­tial and con­struc­tive ref­er­ences to the old build­ing. Continue reading Abraha Achermann


Issei Suda

Adachi-ku . 1981

Adachi-ku . 1981


Issei Suda (b. 1940 – d. 2019) began his long and celebrated career in 1967 as a stage photographer of avantgarde Japanese theatre. His travels through Japan during the early 1970s inspired much of his work at the time and concentrated on street scenes. Continue reading Issei Suda