public housing and offices . Charleroi

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LAN . BLOW Architectes

LAN wins the 5th Element project competition, launched by public housing and offices program in Charleroi, Belgium, in association with BLOW Architectes. Continue reading LAN


Davide Macchi

No-function building . St.Moritz

Davide Macchi. No-function building . St.Moritz afasia (6)

Davide Macchi . Teachers: Manuel & Francisco Aires Mateus – Accademia di Mendrisio

The limits of the landscape are in perpetual change. None of the things which surround us is eternal in its present condition. This remains true both in the long and the short period. the variation of the boundaries of woods, of the shores of lakes, the erosion of mountains and so on, slowly modify the landscape, while changing seasons alter the scenery constantly. The present project aims at creating an architecture which, by not interfering with these natural processes, renders them intelligible. the idea behind the project is that of a suspended element over the Lej Marsch lake, which encircles it in such (not literal) manner as to include and enclose within itself fractions of the various elements which characterize this site – the lake itself, the woods, the glade and the creeks – in order to allow a constant comparison of their transformation. The building merely rests upon few hills, thus not altering the natural conformation of the ground. Exactly these supporting points offer access to the covering, which becomes a flat circuit allowing the perusal of the surrounding topography. Continue reading Davide Macchi


Kolman Boye

Kaggeboda cabins . Norrtälje

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Kolman Boye Architects . photos: © Kolman Boye Architects . via: finn wilkie

Not very far from Stockholm, close to the summer town of Norrtälje, situated among innumerable traditional Swedish summer cottages and pine trees, lay three small deep brown houses of different sizes. Built on a common deck acting as a massive plinth, rising out of the moss clad grey granite, these three small buildings placed close together make up a summer hideout, the deck flowing in-between them acting as an inhabitable fourth room. Continue reading Kolman Boye