New Feyenoord Stadium . Rotterdam

OMA . LOLA . New Feyenoord Stadium . Rotterdam afasia (1)

OMA . LOLA Landscape Architects

Feyenoord Rotterdam and Stadion Feijenoord have approved the business case for the new Feyenoord Stadium as the project’s contract design phase completes. In the same week, an independent report from Deloitte indicated that the design of the entire Feyenoord City, including the stadium, has fulfilled all the main conditions for the Municipality of Rotterdam to invest EUR 40 million in the stadium. Both decisions mark another important step towards realization of the project designed by OMA / David Gianotten in collaboration with LOLA Landscape Architects, among other parties. Continue reading OMA



HOUSE RICO & ANA . Alicante

LA ERRERÍA . HOUSE RICO & ANA . Alicante Luis Díaz Díaz afasia (4)

LA ERRERÍA * architecture office . photos: © Luis Díaz Díaz

After many years of large interventions, the time for ‘minor-surgery’ constructions has arrived. If the new demands of society do not require major interventions anymore, architects should not fill our cities with lavish buildings. This new “small” architecture works like a precise scalpel: repairing the damage and regenerating the fabrics of our cities and homes in an adequate and meticulous way. The renovation for Rico&Ana’s house was an example of this. This unfinished “lavish building” – or finished in parts – requires an effective architectural exercise to acommodate the building to the needs of our clients. Continue reading LA ERRERÍA



Los Belgas square . Collado Villalba

Contxto . Los Belgas square .  Collado Villalba Luis Díaz Díaz afasia (2)

Contxto . photos: © Luis Díaz Díaz

The square is located in the urban epicentre of Collado Villalba and it is pivotal for the public use of the municipality. However, it was a rigid space detatched from its surroundings due to the road traffic circulation and the perimeter parking, as well as its lack of uses and its harsh design. The square was a mere asphalt terrace devoted to hosting the weekly market, containing almost no green or rest areas. Continue reading Contxto


DGN Studio

Concrete Plinth House . London

DGN Studio . Concrete Plinth House . London Nick Dearden - Building Narratives  afasia (1)

DGN Studio . photos: © Nick Dearden – Building Narratives

Tasked with crafting versatile spaces suitable for relaxation, entertaining, and hosting intimate dining and arts evenings, DGN Studio have transformed a dark Victorian semi-detached terrace into a serene, brutalist-inspired home in East London.
The clients, a young couple, initially appointed DGN Studio to reconfigure their dark north-facing kitchen into a light communal area for events and gatherings and to reorganise the upstairs bathroom. However, the brief quickly evolved to include a light renovation of the upper floor as the couple cottoned on to DGN Studio’s exceptional eye for natural materials and clever spatial planning nous. Continue reading DGN Studio