García . Ruiz-Rivas


García . Ruiz-Rivas . METAMORFO . Madrid Javier de Paz afasia (1)

Julia García Lozano . Miguel Ruiz-Rivas Avendaño . photos: © Javier de Paz García

Why did we stop playing?
The client, a young entrepreneur, finds the action of playing not only as an entertainment, but as a social instrument. He seeks to point out the importance of ‘playing’ as an activity inherent in culture, and the main tool for the development of thought, memory, reason and social relations. Continue reading García . Ruiz-Rivas


Iraburu . Vaillo . Ayesa

Un habitante incierto. Las Bardenas Reales

Iraburu . Vaillo . Ayesa . Un habitante incierto. Las Bardenas Reales afasia (5)

Fernando Iraburu . Yago Vaillo . Marta Ayesa

El compromiso con la realidad que nos envuelve, de los llenos y de los vacíos, del hábitat cerrado y del hábitat abierto y la necesidad de dar respuesta a las interacciones entre el hombre y el paisaje son la esencia de la arquitectura planteada en este proyecto situado en El Parque Natural y Reserva de la Biosfera de Bardenas Reales que se encuentra localizado en el SE de Navarra, España, en el centro de la depresión del Valle del Ebro, con una superficie de 41.845 hectáreas.  Continue reading Iraburu . Vaillo . Ayesa


Barbe . Huck

Le château de la Tour d’Aigues

Barbe . Huck . Le château de la Tour d’Aigues afasia (1)

Maël Barbe . Clémentine Huck

The W 2020 Prize, for its ninth edition, invited candidates to rethink the Château de la Tour d´Aigues (Lubéron-Vaucluse) around the theme “Wine & Gastronomy”. New perspective for a precious culinary terroir, the project is generating a new territorial dynamic as part of a strategy to enhance and transmit the viticulture and culinary know-how embodied by this major architectural figure. Continue reading Barbe . Huck


Ferran . Gascón

Filling the Pool . Sabadell

Ferran . Gascón . Filling the Pool . Sabadell afasia (12)

Sara Ferran . Eduardo Gascón

The Nostra Llar neighborhood is located as a small oasis in the middle of Sabadell’s dense industrial fabric. Constructed in 1954, these isolated houses were originally designed to provide a decent place to live for the workers of the textile factory ARTÈXTIL. The development also planned the construction of several facilities: two schools, a church, a park and a currently abandoned SWIMMING POOL. This sports facility has now become property of the local government who, together with the Nostra Llar neighbors, have requested to the Valles School of Architecture the design of the its reconditioning. Continue reading Ferran . Gascón


Frattini . Todeschini

Villa in Toscana . MANCIANO

Frattini . Todeschini . Villa in Toscana . MANCIANO afasia (1)

Emanuela Frattini Magnusson . Pietro Todeschini . photos: © Simone Bossi

The L-shaped plan of this house is inserted into the side of a hill in a typical Tuscan landscape, characterized by rolling vineyards and olive trees.

Inside, a long distribution corridor extends from the large entrance and living area (living room, open kitchen and studio) to the three bedrooms, which in turn open to the surroundings and a view towards the Tyrrenian sea through full height glazed openings. Continue reading Frattini . Todeschini