Extension Grieder-Swarovski . Küsnacht

AFGH . Grieder Contemporary (11)

AFGH Architects . photos: © valentin jeck

In 2015 the clients decided to build an underground extension and undertake a rearrangement of the house, whereby the building was divided into two independent apartments. The clients’ main apartment covered the ground and the first floor orientated both towards the garden encompassed by the L-shaped building and the west-facing outdoor area adjoining the woods and supplemented with raised plant beds. Continue reading AFGH




MVRDV . PEARL BANK TOWER . Singapore afasia (1)


The MVRDV project team led by Winy Maas and Jacob van Rijs replied to the competition call with an efficient design of unique identity; a simple, multiplied floorplan composed of five apartment types rotates around one single core. The new tower is sensitive to its context, reminiscent of the existing historical building in its proportion, massing and roundness, and striving to provide a recognizable silhouette within the Singapore skyline. Continue reading MVRDV


Emerson . pucp Lima

A Room for Archaeologists and Kids . Pachacámac

Emerson . pucp Lima . A Room for Archaeologists and Kids . Pachacámac  afasia (1)

Studio Tom Emerson . pucp Lima

Some forty-five students from t5 Juillerat/Manrique at the Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, pucp Lima and Studio Tom Emerson at eth in Zurich under the guidance of Guillaume Othenin-Girard collaborated on a six-month investigation that culminated in a design and build project. Together they produced a structure for archaeologists and children to come together to discover the hidden history of Pachacámac. In this new structure, Archaeologists make their first examination of artefacts emerging from the digs, shaded from the punishing Peruvian sun and in view of the passing visitors and school children, who in turn perform their own exploration in the sandpits across the courtyard. At each end of the courtyard, new finds are stored in rooms enclosed by woven cane walls before being transferred to the archaeological museum for permanent conservation. The structure was collaboratively designed and constructed by the students in three weeks in July 2018, following a research programme earlier in the year resulting in the Pachacámac Atlas. Continue reading Emerson . pucp Lima


51N4E . Bourbouze & Graindorge

Alveoles . St. Nazaire

© Filip Dujardin

51N4E . Bourbouze & Graindorge . + baunetz

During the Second World War, a huge submarine base was built by the occupying forces in the city of St. Nazaire, on the French Atlantic coast. When the city was flattened towards the end of the war, the submarine base was the only building left standing. During reconstruction, the demolition of the base was considered multiple times, but the idea was finally abandoned because of the sheer size of the building, and the cost of the works. Continue reading 51N4E . Bourbouze & Graindorge