Studio Roam

Brick House . Perth

Studio Roam . With Architecture . photos: © Jack Lovel

For the clients, as Architects, the project was the culmination of many years of gathering sketches, design ideas, artwork, objects, and references of the work of their architectural icons. Because of this, the brief seemed to require as much from the past as it did from the future, as a place to hold a treasure trove of family memories and stories as well as a building to enrich each moment of the humble drum of day-to-day life. Continue reading Studio Roam


Jaime Prous . Pineda Monedero


Jaime Prous Architects . Pineda Monedero . photos: © José Hevia

The setting in which these semi-detached houses are located is that of an anonymous neighbourhood on the outskirts of a town near Girona. The finished streets await the arrival of the future houses that will form an eclectic landscape of different materials and volumes. Continue reading Jaime Prous . Pineda Monedero


Magén Arquitectos

Philosophy Faculty . Zaragoza

Magén Arquitectos . photos: © Rubén Pérez Bescós

The project proposes an intervention that, for the first time in its history, affects the entire building, its extension and the adjacent exterior spaces. It is, therefore, an opportunity for the integration and adaptation of the complex, taking into account the relationship between its different parts and volumes, and proposing a unitary and coherent reading of the resulting synthesis. Continue reading Magén Arquitectos