K41 . Utrecht

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Pasel.kuenzel architects . photos: © Marcel van der Burg

In Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, an entire island development is dedicated to the theme of the cube.

Kubus-Eiland describes the urban planning principle that was used in the conversion of a former port area along the Leidse Rijn area and which is shaping the transformation of this urban development project from a former industrial area to a residential area. Continue reading Pasel.kuenzel


Jansen . Blecher

Villa Korup . Fyn

© Hampus Berndtson

Jan-Henrik Jansen . Marshall Blecher

Villa Korup was designed for a young family of six on the Danish island of Fyn after a fire destroyed their previous home.

The characteristic ‘three legged’ plan was developed in order to delineate the different aspects of the landscape, accentuating their qualities and creating three characteristic courtyard like spaces; a sunny south facing sloped area to the south, a protected kitchen garden to the east and an orchard cum playground to the west. Continue reading Jansen . Blecher


Matthias Pabst

palazzo pubblico. palermo

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Matthias Pabst

As a city in the center of the mediterranean, palermo has always been a place of cultural exchange.

Different cultures have coexisted here, but also influenced each other. This process of cultural palimpsest continues today and will continue to shape the city decisively in the future Continue reading Matthias Pabst