Atelier Deshaus

Yang Pu Riverfront Urban Space Renovation-Riverside . Shanghai

Atelier Deshaus . Yang Pu Riverfront Urban Space Renovation-Riverside . Shanghai afasia (1)

Atelier Deshaus . photos: © Tian Fangfang

The site of the Riverside Passage was previously used as a coal-unloading wharf for transport connected to the old Yangpu Gas Plant. A reinforced concrete wall, which is 90 meters long and 4 meters high, was built to prevent coal from falling down into the river. After the coal wharf was deserted, this long wall became abandoned and fell into solitude. There were originally two walls on the wharf. The one along the river had been removed long ago and filled in the gap between the wharf and the flood control wall. Continue reading Atelier Deshaus




© FilipDujardin

META architectuurbureau

In 1999, Niklaas Deboutte designed his own home together with Christa Dewachter. It is located in a quiet residential street in the neighbourhood of Sint-Andries, which connects the centre of Antwerp with the Zuid area. In 2018 – 16 years after the original completion – an extra storey was added to the property. Continue reading META


Daniel Zamarbide


Daniel Zamarbide . BUREAU’S OFFICE . Lisbon afasia Dylan Perrenoud (1)

Daniel Zamarbide | BUREAU . photos: © Dylan Perrenoud

In the past years, we have learned about mobility. Commuting and professional nomadism. We have been around, working everywhere, hurting our backs in bad chairs, home, cafés, construction sites, all sorts of transports. Micro-scale travelling in a reduced European perimeter, still quite intensively on the move. It does feel good to find, at last, a generous resting base-camp in the heart of our beautiful Lisbon. A space from the past that allows us to see further in the future, to project ourselves into something else, something we are not yet and that we might become. A good space is a space where one can project oneself, individually and collectively. Continue reading Daniel Zamarbide


Montes Gil

Biblioteca El Moli . Molins de Rei

Montes Gil . Biblioteca El Moli . Molins de Rei afasia (1)

Antonio Montes Gil . photos: © Jordi Surroca

El proyecto de la biblioteca de El Molí en Molins de Rei se sitúa en la antigua fábrica de tejidos Ferrer y Mora, de 1858.

La biblioteca se ubica en las dos plantas superiores del edificio. En un futuro, unas oficinas municipales ocuparán el resto de las plantas baja y primera. Esta situación define una nueva sección de la cubierta, que recupera el perfil original de la fábrica, incorpora las vistas e iluminación natural y permite disfrutar de las terrazas desde esta planta. Continue reading Montes Gil


Morris + Company

Barking and Dagenham affordable rental homes . London

© Darc studio

Morris + Company

A modern mews of 56 high-quality affordable rental homes in Barking and Dagenham, designed by Morris + Company for developer BeFirst, has been given planning permission via virtual committee. The homes are designed for residents ranging from single occupants to couples and families, to create a balanced new community, along a new, intimate mews street, within the wider Becontree estate. Sixteen of the homes will be London Affordable Rent homes; a low-cost rental rate set by the Greater London Authority. Continue reading Morris + Company