Cristián Izquierdo

Vivienda unifamiliar . El Peumo

Cristián Izquierdo . Vivienda unifamiliar , El Peumo (1)

Cristián Izquierdo . fotos: © Angela Koch . + d+a

Esta casa se ubica en una meseta ventosa de arena oscura, rodeada de pinos y cipreses, que alcanza a divisar a lo lejos el Océano Pacífico. El proyecto se plantea como un refugio ordenado en torno a un recinto central, que propicia la estancia en común, y se abre al paisaje en cuatro direcciones a partir de su orden interno. Continue reading Cristián Izquierdo



Ruralation Shenaoli Library . Tonglu

AZL ARCHITECTS . Ruralation Shenaoli Library . Tonglu (1)

AZL ARCHITECTS . photos: © Yao Li

Ruralation Shenaoli Library is the first completed work of ‘Eshan Practice’, located in the ancient village Shenao, Jiangan, Tonglu, Hangzhou. The village is developed along with the multiplying of the Shentu family, and has a storied history of more than 1900 years. This ancient village is adjacent to the country town Tonglu, which is just half an hour’s drive from Hangzhou. The unique underground spring and underdrains in the village have been well-conserved till now, as well as more than 40 historic buildings constructed during Ming or Qing Dynasty. Continue reading AZL ARCHITECTS



Tingbjerg Library . Brønshøj

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COBE . photos: © Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST Studio

Tingbjerg Culture House is an extension to the existing Tingbjerg School. The architecture and choice of materials respect the historic surroundings designed by architect Steen Eiler Rasmussen in the 1950s. Using the same basic materials found in the area such as yellow brick cladding, but in a new way, the building holds a clear link to the existing uniqueness of Tingbjerg. Continue reading COBE



Southbank tower . Melbourne

BIG . Southbank tower . Melbourne (1)

BIG . Fender Katsalidis

South of the Yarra River, the eponymous Southbank neighborhood is a study in contrasts – a former industrial area that has been extensively redeveloped over the last couple of decades has predominantly high-rise buildings that often lack the charm and human-scale experiences at ground level, so commonly associated with Melbourne’s Central Business District. Within Southbank, our site sits at the junction of City Road and Southbank Boulevard, perhaps one of the most important intersections in the neighborhood with direct visual and physical access to both the Yarra waterfront to the north and the Arts Precinct to the east. Beulah International presents us with a unique opportunity to unlock the potential of the broader neighborhood by anchoring a rich and multi-textured public realm experience not just along the populated City Road and length of Southbank Boulevard, but in places where there is a distinct lack. Continue reading BIG