House TM . Schilde

VDCA . House TM . Schilde Olmo Peeters afasia (1)

VDCA . photos: © Olmo Peeters

A bare leftover plot in a wooded area is located between two ‘fermettes’ (family houses with farmhouse characteristics) with trivial gardens and has an unfavorable orientation.
A new house is situated at the back of the plot and the plot is reforested. In this way the forest reaches out to the street again, the neighboring houses are out of sight and the house has a better orientation. Continue reading VDCA


Brandenberger Kloter

Kindergarten . Winkel Rüti

© Basile Bornand

Brandenberger Kloter Architekten

The Kindergarten (day-care center) in Winkel Rüti, Switzerland is located between a school for children with disabilities and a new housing estate. The project is significant for its split-level design, one that adapts smoothly to the existing topography. On the lower level there is an afterschool day care center with a panorama view, aimed at children ages four to ten. A wide staircase leads to the upper level, where the two daytime nursery school units (Kindergarten i.e. for children ages four to six) face the courtyard and a private playground. The child’s perspective forms the foundation of the design strategy with integrated sleeping and playroom areas, places to hide and varying floor levels. The rooms in the upper and in the lower area are all connected to each other in such a way that a circular walkaround is possible. Continue reading Brandenberger Kloter



Paddington Central office building . London

Morris+Company . Paddington Central office building . London afasia (1)


Much has changed in the way we think about and design workplaces. Through the climate crisis, global pandemic, changing work patterns and increased awareness of the mental strain workplaces place on our lives, the era of airless offices prioritising efficiencies over user experience has been replaced by a desire for connections to nature. 3 Sheldon Square is a typology breaking approach, emphasising the value of existing buildings, but enhanced energy efficiencies, lower operational carbon and abundant amenity; an exemplar project in line with britishlandplc’s 2030 sustainability strategy. Continue reading Morris+Company


Garcés-de Seta-Bonet


Garcés-de Seta-Bonet . VIVIENDA UNIFAMILIAR . Begur AFASIA (3)

Garcés-de Seta-Bonet arquitectes . Fotos: © Adrià Goula

Solar extenso y plano con una amplia vista sobre el mar de Aiguablava, en el que con comodidad se puede colocar una casa grande (450 m2) a patio que se relaciona con el contexto de manera doble y antitética.
Al exterior es un bloque de hormigón, una anilla geométrica que se incrusta en el verde pendiente. Al interior se desvela completamente abierta al paisaje: las vistas lejanas se funden en planos superpuestos con la vegetación del patio, produciendo un juego caleidoscópico de transparencias y reflejos que casi desmontan la construcción cerrada del cuadrilátero. Continue reading Garcés-de Seta-Bonet