New University Library for UNED-Alzira . Valencia

alcolea+tárrago arquitectos . renders: © JAM images .

The project reinforces the original traces already in place, enhancing a dialogue between site, its history, and its future. The library is a delicate and silent building, which relates to the fabric of the historic buildings. It defines a conversation with the classic structures while providing a clear character and contemporary expression.

The program is proficiently solved within a compact volume, stressing its multifunctional qualities, to address many of the changing requirements associated with contemporary libraries and cultural centers. It defines a fully flexible open space with deep skylights which protect from solar radiation while allowing to see the sky. There is a certain reinterpretation of classic elements, such as the portico or the bipartite composition, and brick is used extensively providing an expressive character to the intervention.

University Library for UNED-Alzira, Valencia, Spain

alcolea+tárrago arquitectos
Project development: Fernando Iraburu
Images: JAM images

Second Prize in Open Competition