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FAM Architekten . AMU Architekten . photos: © Boo Yeah -exterior- . © Luis Kuhn -interior-

The single-storey house with a long wooden veranda lies in a sparsely populated bavarian village called Tengling, in the region of Traunstein, 10 km away from the border to Austria. The unique location on the edge of the development zone in Tengling offers a view over vast fields that cannot be obstructed by later buildings.

The elongated house is placed near the access road in the north in order to make optimum use of the parcel of land. The building in the shape of a barn hides the garden from the neighbours and the road to the north. The location ensures that, from all rooms, there are no steps to the outside.

Entering from the north, the parents rooms are located to the street and the children rooms are orientated to the south. The long kitchen is directly flanked by the veranda and embodies the heart of the building around which family life evolves. To the west one can enter the living and dining room which is defined by a generous ceiling height and a panoramic opening with a dominant reveal. Above the kitchen the house develops another level which some extra space with a view to the Alps.

The wooden veranda with its rhytmical columns evokes a cosy athmosphere that creates a soft transition from the interioir to the nature. The huge openings guarantee a high amount of daylight, whereas the balcony shapes a constructive shading.

The house is close to fulfill passive house requirements. Due to the construction with cross-laminated timber, the use of natural insulation materials and the installation of an air-to-water heat pump it achieves high sustainability and energy efficiency.

To the south the house opens up to the garden. The wide roof overhang creates a sheltered veranda, raised slightly above the level of the garden. By using an architectural language typical of this area, the house fits in well within the context of the alpine foothills.

FAM Architekten
in collaboration with Andreas Mueller
Single-storey house with a long wooden veranda 2018
Photos exterior: Boo Yeah Photos interior: Luis Kuhn