Zigzag . Delso

3D3N . madrid

EG: Eingangsbereich, Treppe

Zigzag Arquitectura . Rodrigo Delso . photos: © Roland Halbe

We think of cities as always full, frenetic and crowded, but there are still voids abandoned by the voracity of new construction; forgotten bags of air in a system that prefers the new to making the existing sustainable. One such place is in the center of Madrid, in the courtyard of a historic building dating from 1859.

Originally a beautiful washing place, it ended up as the abandoned ruin of a car workshop: degraded, damp and without natural light. 3D3N project gives a second chance to this urban ruin, giving value to its existing heritage with a new ecological awareness that considers essential to reduce the ecological footprint of architecture. 3D3N is a workspace that revolves around the introduction of the natural into the world of labor. On one hand, all the elements are maintained by changing their use: the old ramp evolves into a social amphitheater or the garage entrance becomes a filter between urban noise and the interior garden.