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r villa . vahrn

afasia Bergmeisterwolf . r villa . vahrn (1)

Bergmeisterwolf . photos: © gustav willeit

The new monolithic building integrates itself into the existing urban tissue through its design and form. It works with an existing empty space trying to fit into it and not to subordinate it. The new building is docked to the existing villa volgger by a floating glass area where is located the fitness/sauna area for the family.below it, the ground floor is occupied by the son of the family.

It is an introverted way of living, of vertical walls that both close the space and allow glimpses of the surrounding landscape. Recycled green glass panels blur the surroundings, creating an evanescent but recognizable structure, perceivable also from the outside.

The new building plays with colour and texture. Grains of glass give to the green pigmented plaster its 3-dimensionality, which is further enhanced by the cladding with frosted glass. In this way the overall effect of the facade and its depth is enhanced. Behind the almost transparent glass there is just a blurred greenish materiality, howevere still perceptible and recognizable.the deep incisions of the facade give importance to the openings making them a design element.

The new building is independent but at the same time integrated with the old one. Certain features of the old building are taken up and applied to the new structure, bringing the two buildings into connection with each other. For instance the shutters of the old villa are taken up and reinterpreted, working as a protection and a distinguishing feature of the two buildings.