Pedevilla Architects

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ciAsa Aqua Bad Cortina . St. Vigil

Pedevilla Architects . ciAsa Aqua Bad Cortina . St. Vigil afasia (1)

Pedevilla Architects . photos: © Gustav Willeit

The ciAsa (Rhaeto-Romanic for house) is a high-alpine family home in South Tyrol’s St. Vigil, surrounded by the Dolomites of Val Badia.

Based on the archaic form of a house, no distinction is made between roof and façade. The rising form of the roof makes the building visible from afar, while at the same time the low eaveslines also provide protection. The shape of the trapezoid appears as a recurring element in the overall design. Continue reading Pedevilla Architects



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Smart Living Lab . Freiburg

estudioHerreros . Smart Living Lab . Freiburg afasia (1)

estudioHerreros . renders: © ArtefactoryLab . photos: © estudioHerreros

Our proposal for the Smart Living Lab for the EPF Lausanne and the University of Freiburg, understands that the building must construct the urban image of a research center that aims to improve the quality of life of people. Continue reading estudioHerreros



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Naso . Casa Martha . MESSICO - MALINALCO afasia (1)

Naso – José Ignacio Vargas . photos: © Maureen M. Evans . + divisare

After the earthquake of September 2017, Naso was invited by ReConstruir México to participate in the reconstruction of 1 of 50 houses selected at risk of their damage. Each of the selected houses involved local and international architecture offices, designers, collaborators as well as different institutions and donors such as: #LoveArmyMexico, Fundación Origen, ¡Échale! to your House, Fideicomiso Fuerza México and PienZa Sostenible. Continue reading Naso