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Filling the Pool . Sabadell

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Sara Ferran . Eduardo Gascón

The Nostra Llar neighborhood is located as a small oasis in the middle of Sabadell’s dense industrial fabric. Constructed in 1954, these isolated houses were originally designed to provide a decent place to live for the workers of the textile factory ARTÈXTIL. The development also planned the construction of several facilities: two schools, a church, a park and a currently abandoned SWIMMING POOL. This sports facility has now become property of the local government who, together with the Nostra Llar neighbors, have requested to the Valles School of Architecture the design of the its reconditioning.


The proposed project is determined by its economic reality: there is only a 500.000€ budget for the whole reconditioning. The first decision is to remove the enclosure of the building currently occupied by the Neighborhood association, which has proven to be spatially and energetically inefficient. By doing this we recover its initial condition as a porched structure that provides shade. We empty the porch and we fill the pool, covering the abandoned swimming pool with a lightweight wood structure. We then obtain a generous space in order to place all the new sport activities while preserving an emotional link to the past. During winter, we take advantage of the warm terrain and the energy produced by the users’ activity, allowing the entrance of natural light and solar radiation through the ETFE transparent façade. At summer, heat is dissipated through the ground and the roof’s canteliever protects the space from unwanted radiation. Also, the façade is folded in order to allow crossed natural ventilation across the space and remove the stratified warm air. The remaining actions are as discreet as the budget allows. Small interventions are done across the existing facilities and the perimeter fences are treated in order to increase their visual permeability. Also, 3 new doors are opened in order to connect the new sports complex to the city.

Filling the Pool
reconditioning of “Nostra Llar” sports facility with 500,000€
Advisors: Claudi Aguiló and ETSAV’s MArq faculty team