Place du village HOUSE . GIENS

© Stephane-Chalmeau


It’s the story of an inside / outside house on a peninsula. In the trees, around a square and towards the sea: the Mediterranean Sea.
“La place du village” is the heart of the project. This square dominates the site, looks towards the sea and articulates the places. We treated it like an urban plot: limestone pavers, concrete borders, a long bench and in the middle, a very beautiful strawberry tree. Slightly offset, this tree is planted as if it had always been there.

From this place, we built on the existing stone restanques to draw a succession of terraces, on which we delicately laid concrete volumes. Then, we traced an initiatory course. It crosses the site diagonally from bottom to top and allows all outdoor spaces to be connected on one level to interior spaces. It offers a rediscovery of the site. Let’s look at the sea, but let’s also look at it. It is because the project looks at all these places right in the eyes that we have come to love this site in its entirety.
The two main materials are vegetable and concrete. They are available in all sizes and with various textures.

Concrete is a very moving material. Through the history of the site and its roughness, it makes it possible to offer, upon delivery, places that seem already inhabited. The texture of the concrete is obtained by fir planks whose pitch wedges all the heights of the house. Solid wood is for all exterior joinery. Stone is the ground.
It’s a house around a square. A square covered with white limestone pavers and a very beautiful strawberry tree.