Guest House Guerrieri Rizzardi . Bardolino

BarozziVeiga . Guest House Guerrieri Rizzardi . Bardolino afasia (1)


As a complement to the winery’s activity, the Guerrieri Rizzardi family wanted to add – in an olive grove with splendid views and sunsets over Lago di Garda – a small guest house and a space for wine tasting for guests who wanted to extend the visit to the winery. Taking advantage of the slight slope towards the lake and the views, the project defines a single elongated volume, inserted in the terrain following the existing terracing and the grid that orders the planting of the olive trees. It is a podium with a large roof supported only by large triangular concrete pillars. The podium defines a new relationship between the house, the olive grove and the lake. Between the concrete structure, two simple glazed volumes totally open to the landscape contain the apartments and the wine tasting space. A tunnel will connect the guest house with the nearby winery.


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