Aires Mateus . Duplantier

Muslim Cultural Center . Bordeaux

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Aires Mateus . Martin Duplantier Architects

Spiritual architecture for an open building : the concept of openness and demonstration is here set in a way to address both the invisible and the visible, the city and heaven.

Built to host more than 5,000 people, the Muslim cultural center is a main place for spirituality and community meetings in Bordeaux.

A library, two praying rooms, shops, restaurant and offices are all gathered in this 3-storey building.

The main space is flexible and distills an indirect light to the audience, playing with an irregular topography.

A multitude of uses is possible, extending the room’s dimensions to the whole slab.

On the third floor, a series of patios will enable daylight to feed working spaces and enforce the spiritual atmosphere it wishes to create.

Location : Bordeaux
Dates : 2014 – Competition, 1st prize competition
Client : Muslim Federation of the Gironde
Design team : Aires Mateus e Associados, Martin Duplantier Architects, Anouk Debarre Landscape Architect
Mission : Conception Design
Built area : 11 700 sqm
Cost : 24,5 M€