Wolterslaan Row house . GHENT

RAAMWERK . Wolterslaan Row house . GHENT (1)

RAAMWERK . photos: © Stijn Bollaert

The former house served as a family home with a doctor’s practice and consisted of a long range of connected rooms without mutual relation or contact with the spacious underlying garden.
The challenge was to transform the home into thoughtful interventions into a quality contemporary single-family home.


The ground floor is stripped from redundant extensions and expanded with a pavilion structure.
The new volume keeps a small distance from the adjacent building. This creates a narrow passage between the new volume and the neighbours, which also allow daylight to penetrate deep into the main volume. In addition, there is a view from the main building, through the pavilion into the garden.

The new constellation allows all spaces to subtly blend together without losing their own character.
A perforation in the existing ceiling of the main volume creates a second relationship with the upper floor and allows the light to enter the house from above. The pavilion construction consists of a rough plinth that can be used inside or outside as a seat element. On this plinth rests a wooden curtain wall structure with aluminium cladding on the outside.

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