Housing BO . Walhain

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LRARCHITECTES . photos: © Maxime Vermeulen

A field, a volume, two houses. This project has the particularity of housing two families who bought a field together in a small Belgian village.

This project is inspired by the historic rural constructions in its implantation, in its volume and its materiality.
A shelter, located near the street, allows the housing building to set up further back. The privacy of the living spaces on the ground floor is ensured as well. A private front garden for each house is created. In the back of their home, the two families share a common garden and an orchard.
The distribution of the two entities is done through an outer covered central passage. A slight fold in the two longitudinal facades also allows the distinction between the two houses from the outside.
Inside, the living spaces are completely through and on two levels. These are put in visual relation thanks to a subtle shift of the level between de floor.

2013 – 2017
307 m²
Architect :
Maxime Vermeulen
Landscape architect :
Thomas Van Eeckhout