Lindt Chocolate Competence Center . Kilchberg

em2n . Lindt Chocolate Competence Center . Kilchberg (1)

em2n . renders: © Luxigon

The intention is to expand the original headquarters of this old established chocolate factory by adding a new building that would enable visitors to experience the company’s traditions and history. This can only be credible if the new building is developed out of the place itself and completes the existing ensemble to form a new entity. In building terms we attempt to develop the new addition out of the existing fabric by inserting an exciting composition of four differentiated building parts in the topography. In each of the blocks – which differ in size and height – the basic structure responds to the envisaged function. In accordance with the future use the facade of each block is either more expressive or more restrained – but in each case is an abstract arrangement of surfaces. The ‘creation laboratory’ is presented to the pilgrims’ route as a kind of display window and is a place of innovation made visually accessible to the public. As chocolate continues to be manufactured here the origins of the brands can be experienced and their future presented in a most authentic way.


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