Dorval-Bory . Corbasson


Dorval-Bory  . Corbasson . Al-'Ula afasia (1)

Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architectes . Caroline Corbasson (artist)

In Al-‘Ula, this incredible something is almost ready to be shared to the world. And it’s not only in the beauty of its culture, of its tombs, of its landscape. It is, first and foremost, this specific relationship between the sky and the ground, between the deepest origins of the Universe, and the deepest beliefs of life and death. Al-‘Ula makes us understand we are not strangers, we are part of a whole that goes way beyond our scale, way beyond our lifetime and a few centuries more. We truly belong to the highest stars and to the deepest rocks, all linked in a perfectly harmonious continuity for billions of years… we are just here, along the way. Continue reading Dorval-Bory . Corbasson


Nicolas Dorval-Bory

Appartement Temple . Paris

© Salem Mostefaoui

NICOLAS DORVAL-BORY architectes . photos: © Salem Mostefaoui

The large apartment already had a lot of natural qualities, nice features from the beginning of the 20th century. However the best views and light from the south were on the side with the less windows, while the main windows were facing a courtyard on the north side. To allow light to flow from one side to the other while maintaining some intimacy in the rooms, we tried to find a single line, a limit in the project where we could focus our intervention. In this narrow strip of a few cm, we proposed various strategies to accomodate uses. Continue reading Nicolas Dorval-Bory


Nicolas Dorval-Bory

P420. Bologna

© Francesco Rioda

Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architects

For this apartment, we understood pretty early that the clients wanted us to work on rather classical features. However we didn’t want to propose many options for designs and materials, to keep the project as radical and simple as can be. So we sorted out the ideas of the project, thinking about, on minimum, how many material we would need. We thought we would need only two materials : one for carpentry, one for bathrooms, the rest being simply white (either resin, paint of plaster…) Continue reading Nicolas Dorval-Bory


Plan Común . Dorval-Bory

Chapelle International . Paris

Plan Común . Dorval-Bory . Chapelle International . Paris afasia (1)

Plan Común . Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architectes . Exterior renders: © ArteFactoryLab

Le projet propose une implantation urbaine stratégique de la tour. En lien direct avec le rondpoint de la Chapelle, le lot I est un dispositif d’articulation à différents niveaux et échelles, défini en deux parties. La tour de logements en bois – structure domestique généreuse et flexible – est posée sur un socle en béton – infrastructure urbaine active et ouverte sur son environnement formant ensemble la figure de proue de Chapelle International. Continue reading Plan Común . Dorval-Bory