monadnock . De Zwarte Hond

The Park Pavilion . Otterlo

monadnock . De Zwarte Hond . The Park Pavilion . Otterlo  afasia (1)

monadnock.architects . De Zwarte Hond . photos: © stijn bollaert

The new Park Pavilion in the Hoge Veluwe National Park, designed by De Zwarte Hond and Monadnock, offers visitors a warm welcome and adds an extra dimension to their visit.

The pavilion has a restaurant, a park shop and accommodates education and reception areas. In the elongated and curved central space – with a crackling fire at one end on cold days – visitors can admire the light projections on the vaulted ceiling. The new building is a striking landmark in the middle of the forest and is an ideal base for a day out in the Hoge Veluwe. A key point of departure for the architects was that the entire building must form an integral part of the landscape and the park experience. This is not only reflected in the design itself, but also in the collaboration with lighting specialists and interior designers. The entire building reflects the direct connection with the surrounding natural landscape of the Hoge Veluwe. Continue reading monadnock . De Zwarte Hond


MONADNOCK . 03Architekten . DRDH

Freiham Nord tower . Munich

MONADNOCK . 03Architekten . DRDH .  Freiham Nord tower . Munich   afasia (1)

Monadnock . 03Architekten . DRDH Architects . renders: © Ponnie

Fifty meter high tower at the 90.000m2 gateway to the Stadtteilzentrum Freiham Nord, an urban extension on the westside of Munich. Thirteen residential floors on top of a commercial plinth with a variety of shops and a restaurant facing the central square. Continue reading MONADNOCK . 03Architekten . DRDH



Atlas House . Eindhoven

Monadnock . Atlas House . Eindhoven (1)

Monadnock . photos: © Stijn Bollaert

The Atlas House is situated on the edge of the city of Eindhoven, opposite the historic rural estate the ‘Wielewaal’. The compact square structure manifests itself as a tower. It is rotated 45 degrees relative to the street and detached from the boundaries of the plot. All the windows are grouped around the corners and sometimes allow for diagonal views through the volume. On the inside of the building, the rotation provides striking vistas along the edges of the forest. The depth of the façade openings reveals that the size and colour of the bricks is the same both inside and outside. These define the character of the sober and unpolished interior. The exterior offers no clues about the playful offsets in the floor areas. The interior reveals a collection of rooms of various heights and floor levels, each giving their respective window openings specific characteristics. Continue reading Monadnock