Candalepas . GFA2

Cutaway Cultural Precinct . Sydney

Candalepas associates . GFA2 . renders: © Jeudi Wang

The proposal sets up the conditions for the Cutaway Cultural Precinct to emerge, by establishing an urban-cultural typology that aims to create an institution that links itself to its broader context. It addresses the collective imagination of Sydney’s legacy of monumental interiors while unfolding a possible framework for new contemporary audiences to emerge. Continue reading Candalepas . GFA2


GFA2 . Fake Industries. Mac and Cheese

The Future of Living II: The Extension of the Suburban Block

GFA2 . Fake Industries . Mac and Cheese . renders: © CHOIRENDER

In the previous iterations of The Future of Living, a collection of artefacts share a typical plan. Rather than seeking unification, they embrace domestic encounters, make leaps of scale visible, and aim for fun while making domestic space livable. Second Edition’s kitchen, Lina Bo Bardi’s chimney, Kazujo Sejima’s chair, a second-hand rug, a timber column, a solar panel or a water pipe, are equally worth seeing and manipulating by the dweller. Now, overlaid on an existing typology a collection of architectures must share this mix-matched desire. Instead of seeking unification, once again, the old brick building and the new timber structure express their differences with little negotiation. Not seeking a reasoned articulation between the architectures, we propose an almost wild juxtaposition of elements in relation to each other. Rather than an overall plan of four blocks, we propose a topological structure based on the possibility of the existing floor plans to stay almost as they are, but able to accommodate radical interventions and hybrid strategies. Continue reading GFA2 . Fake Industries. Mac and Cheese


GFA2 . Fake Industries . Drake

Preschool and Community Hub . Murrin Bridge

Fernández-Abascal . Grau . Drake . Preschool and Community Hub . Murrin Bridge Choirender afasia (1)

Guillermo Fernández-Abascal (GFA2, UTS) . Urtzi Grau (Fake Industries. UTS) . Campbell Drake (CD Studio, UTS) . renders: © Choirender

The Murrin Bridge Preschool and Community Hub is a new civic centre for the community. The intervention will expand the existing school, recover public services recently relocated to Lake Cargelligo (health providers and Land Council offices), and relocate the REDIE and Centrelink offices currently based in a derelict building in the Aboriginal station. Continue reading GFA2 . Fake Industries . Drake


GFA2 . Fernández-Abascal & Muruzabal

Youth Center . Torrelavega

GFA2 . Fernández-Abascal & Muruzabal . Youth Center . Torrelavega afasia (1)

GFA2 architects . Fernández-Abascal & Muruzabal . renders: © Choirender

A typological investigation on flexible and generous mid-scale civic buildings on the fringe of the city. The first iteration is materialised in the Torrelavega Youth Center. The architecture is defined by a simple concrete structure; the structure is the facade, the internal technical shafts, the green planters, the solar protection, and the vertical circulation. Round columns, thick slabs, a rectangular core, a generic curtain wall, white curtains, and local plants make the building. Continue reading GFA2 . Fernández-Abascal & Muruzabal