El Fil Verd

Ca l’Àgata . Barcelona

El Fil Verd estudi d’arquitectura . photos: © Milena Villalba

The building object of this rehabilitation is a single-family house between party walls built in Barcelona in 1942. In the urban fabric of the neighbourhood, typologies from the early 1900s and new buildings coexist. This buildings site is located in a block that preserves intact the original typology of single-family houses between party walls with an attached private garden behind. Oriented along a ne-so axis, it consists of a two-storey building with a roof terrace and a single storey pavilion at the bottom of the garden.
The clients wanted to achieve changes in the distribution, thermal-acoustic comfort and energy efficiency while maintaining very high standards of quality. From the beginning we were clear that an integrative and bioclimatic design, with the use of high quality natural materials and the adoption of energy efficiency strategies would lead us to the expected results. Continue reading El Fil Verd


El Fil Verd . Element

Apartment a+e . Barcelona

El Fil Verd . Element . Apartment a+e . Barcelona Milena Villalba afasia (3)

El Fil Verd . Element Architecture . photos: © Milena Villalba

The Born district of Barcelona was the seat of a prosperous artisan economy during medieval times and still preserves traces of that in the names of its streets: Assaonadors, Argenteria, Cotoners, Carders, Flassaders were the trades carried out by the artisans of this neighborhood. The urban fabric in this part of the city is mainly made up of multi-family dwellings between party walls. The structure is made of load-bearing ceramic work walls and ceramic vaulted ceilings with wooden beams. The width of the floors was determined by the length of the wooden beams then available on the market, generally about four meters. The apartment that is the object of the renovation is located in a building from the mid-1800s and was inhabited during 1900 by a family of Mallorcan shoemakers. One of the sons of this family became a painter and obtained notable recognition in the Joan Miró circle. The apartment was transformed into his painting workshop and warehouse for artistic materials. Many of the objects that he used to paint have been restored and later used as decoration in the house. Continue reading El Fil Verd . Element


El Fil Verd

House in the woods . Garraf

El Fil Verd  . La casa en el bosque . Garraf Milena Villalba afasia (2)

Elisabetta Quarta Colosso | El Fil Verd estudi d’arquitectura . photos: © Milena Villalba

The design of this detached single-family house was commissioned to us by a couple with the dream of retirement living in the middle of nature. The site is characterized by a Mediterranean vegetation typical of the area and includes olive trees, pines, mastic trees and palm hearts on calcareous soils. The plot, of about 900 m2, is located at the end of a small urbanization on the edge of the Garraf Natural Park, on the coast south of Barcelona.
A construction that would allow to contemplate the landscape and would entail low energy consumption were the main requirements of this commission. At the same time, the project presented multiple challenges: a steeply sloping, north-facing plot, and a limited budget. Continue reading El Fil Verd