Clément Blanchet

Université des Métiers . Saclay

Clément Blanchet . Université des Métiers . Saclay (1)

Clément Blanchet Architecture . renders: © ROBOTA

Clément Blanchet Architecture was appointed as the architect for the new Carrefour research and development center after an intense competition against various architects around the world. The project aims to provide to the Carrefour Group a strategic ecosystem to support and accelerate its transformation. Continue reading Clément Blanchet


cBA . Laisne Roussel . AREP

AntonyPole . Paris

Blanchet .  Roussel . AREP . AntonyPole . Paris  (1)

Clément Blanchet Architecture . Laisne Roussel . AREP

As a discontinuous and complex portion of urban territory, Antony was a great opportunity to start a reflection on the relations between City and its Architecture. Today the given plot is struggling in its relation with infrastructures and the urban materials surrounding it: several social housing neighborhoods, a business park, a linear system of public spaces. With that in mind, it was very clear the need to design a project who takes in consideration a much larger area than the plot itself. Continue reading cBA . Laisne Roussel . AREP


Clément Blanchet

XXth Museum . Berlin

Clément Blanchet . XXth Museum . Berlin  (1)

Clément Blanchet Architecture

The museum of the twentieth century in Berlin is an architectural synthesis materializing the concept of time: an experience that reveals a context in which the space, the time, the movement and the city function together. The project illustrates the effort to see the city and the museum content organized in chronological layers. It is a diagrammatic translation of a museum background organized in layers respecting the timeline of history. Continue reading Clément Blanchet