Bajet Giramé . Burckhardt

Las 3 Marías . TARRAGONA

Bajet Giramé . Burckhardt . Las 3 Marías . TARRAGONA afasia (1)

Bajet Giramé Architects . Nicolas Burckhardt Architects . photos: © José Hevia

Three sisters in the Mediterranean:
The project enhances—aiming to exaggerate—the ‘courtyard-house’ character of a summer residence from the sixties in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. A house that three sisters in their thirties have decided to share as a summer home. This renovated holiday house is a deliberately ambiguous habitat, between inside and outside, openly diverse, as wide and sunny as intimate and shady; offering coves, topographies, loggias and gardens, in a spatial continuum that intends to provide a landscape of vitality and delight. Continue reading Bajet Giramé . Burckhardt


Bajet Giramé . JAAS

Tenis Serramar . Alcanar

Bajet Giramé . JAAS  Tenis Serramar . Alcanar Joan Guillamat afasia (6)

Bajet Giramé . JAAS . photos: © Joan Guillamat

Located by the “Alfaques” Bay, the exterior spaces of an historical rural construction (called Masía) had been reduced to residual interstices in-between autonomous pieces for touristic use: a few tennis courts, the terrace of a restaurant, a pool and a solarium. These were the result of modest works of renovation accumulated overtime following the sporadic needs of a modestly run management. Continue reading Bajet Giramé . JAAS


Bajet Giramé

Home in Mitre . Barcelona

Bajet Giramé . Home in Mitre . Barcelona  (1)

Bajet Giramé . photos: © José Hevia

The project consists of remaking a home in a 1970’s apartment in Barcelona. The former spaces were based on program requirements resulting in a series of small rooms and corridors with predefined functions. Those spaces were shaped by non-load bearing walls given its ‘properly modern‘ free plan.
However, columns, beams and slabs were concealed within the internal partitions as shameful bones. The aim of the project was to make the apartment again (remake it), with significant setting and character changes. This would be achieved two-fold: by unveiling the hidden qualities of the 70’s architecture and by defining a new series of suggestive settings. Continue reading Bajet Giramé


Bajet . Linares . Giramé . Bonell . López-Dòriga


Segundo premio . autores: Pau Bajet Mena, Oscar Linares de la Torre, Maria Giramé Aumatell, Laura Bonell Mas, Daniel López-Dòriga Sagalés . Europan

La propuesta planteada pretende dar respuesta tanto a las especificidades del lugar como a los numerosos requisitos del programa planteado por la promotora de vivienda de promoción pública de Nürnberg -wbg Nürnberg GmbH-. Estas necesidades se identifican como inputs o leyes auto-impuestas que, planteadas con anterioridad a cualquier decisión de tipo formal, vertebran todo el proceso de proyecto dando forma a la propuesta.
Continue reading Bajet . Linares . Giramé . Bonell . López-Dòriga