Junya Ishigami

on Tokyo

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In this short video, the award-winning Japanese architect Junya Ishigami talks warmly of Tokyo – a diverse and intense city, which “continues endlessly.”

Ishigami loves the fact that Tokyo doesn’t have just one centre but is a city created from a lot of different small towns: “Depending on where you go, you will have completely different experiences.” This diversity, he continues, also applies to the people who inhabit the many “different village-like towns, which together creates a big city.” This, combined with the placement of shops at all levels of the city, gives you the feeling of not knowing where the city starts and stops: “Because of this Tokyo can continue to grow bigger. However, it can also stay very local and small and retain this kind of characteristic.” Though most of the old buildings in Tokyo were demolished during World War II and the big earthquake, a lot of the original structure still exists, he says, adding that it is a shame that many of the new big development programmes seem to be changing this trait. Continue reading Junya Ishigami


Rem Koolhaas

I’m the prototype of cognitive dissonance

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Architect, urbanist and writer Rem Koolhaas is a true explorer; he likes to palpate the present to figure out the future. SophieCo. Visionaries travelled to his Office for Metropolitan Architecture to talk about how our cities will change and more. Continue reading Rem Koolhaas