Nicolás Campodónico

San Bernardo Chapel . La Playosa

Brick Award 2018

The San Bernardo Chapel is a small masterpiece. A sensitive dealing with the location, an imagi­native engagement with the principle of church construction, an equally simple as well as diverse and impressive shape, and a concentrated reduction are combined to make this worship place extraordinary. The chapel is located in the Argentine Pampa, neither running water nor electricity is available at the site itself. Whereas the exterior of the building is bordered by straight surfaces, the interior is characterized by curved ones.


Geers Severen

A conversation with Moisés Puente and ARQUITECTURA-G about Solo House

Published in Apartamento Magazine #20 . video: © bjarke ingels

Yes. Architecture is a strange profession, at least that’s how we approach it. You never know anything in architecture. And the moment you do know, you’d better stop doing it. I think our work is developed through approximations or general attempts to get somewhere.  Continue reading Geers Severen


The Old Church . Vilanova de la Barca

+ Wienerberger Brick Award 2018

Built in the 13th century, the church of Vilanova de la Barca in the heart of Catalonia is mainly Ro­manesque, but pointed arches and the apse make the Gothic influences noticeable. During the Spanish civil war in 1936 the church was strongly damaged and for more than 80 years the walls lay waste. In 2009, it was decided to stop the decay and to con­serve it in its current condition.