APPAREIL architecture

L’Écrin Residence . Montreal

APPAREIL architecture . photos: © Félix Michaud

L’Écrin is the extension of a Montreal duplex in the lively neighborhood of Côte-des-Neiges. This new extension not only reimagines the kitchen and living area but also creates a semicovered outdoor space to provide privacy for the clients. This addition attaches elegantly to the existing residence and establishes a smooth, gradual transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Continue reading APPAREIL architecture


Mariane Gourdeau

Mont-Blanc Cabin

Mariane Gourdeau . photos: © Félix Michaud

This cabin, located in Mont-Blanc in the Laurentians, is nestled in its natural environment, welcoming a young family in the heart of the Laurentian forest, Canada. The project proposes a humble and simple architecture that sensitively anchors itself in its territory: the experience of the place gives way to the forest, a true host for the occupants. Continue reading Mariane Gourdeau



Cherry Valley . Toronto

StudioAC . photos: © Felix Michaud

StudioAC presents Cherry Valley, a residence situated in Prince Edward County, two and a half hours east of Toronto. Characterized by an intricate coastline and a burgeoning wine-making industry, the landscape and sense of place can be distilled to fields and shorelines. Continue reading StudioAC


mainstudio . Bégin-Houde

Sqotek shelter . Cacouna

mainstudio architecture @mainstudio . Laetitia Bégin-Houde . photos: © Félix Michaud

Commissioned by the Wolastoqiyik Wahsipekuk First Nation, this wooden pavilion was designed to host storytelling and legend-making wolastoqey activities. The project unfolds around the fire, a significant element for the community. A fireplace is placed in the center of a circular bench seat, a sacred shape for the First Nation. The shelter thus allows the experience of an encounter where the occupants position themselves in a circular fashion, a spatial organization without hierarchy that establishes equality, a value transmitted by the ancestors of the community. Part of the circle can be seen from the outside as you approach the building by the presence of curved walls that invite you to enter from the east side. The integration of the circular shape in the layout of the project thus makes it possible to orient the interior path according to the wolastoqey tradition which requires that one enters and leaves any circular gathering on the east side while moving in the direction of the sun’s course. Continue reading mainstudio . Bégin-Houde


Alain Carle


Alain Carle Architecte . photos: © Félix Michaud

In a natural setting at the limits of constructability, ROLO offers a landscape approach to an architectural project. Located in the Laurentian region of Quebec, and situated on a steep slope, the property is characterized by large, rocky outcrops and offers clear views of the Laurentian horizon. Before the intervention, the owners had created a variety of scattered and fragmented amenity areas on site, linked together by winding hiking trails that skirt along the steep cliffs of the mountainous terrain. Due to the organic and temporary nature of these initial site uses, their specificity informed the beginning of the project. Continue reading Alain Carle