Bevk Perović

NC CRSS | National Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired . Ljubljana

Bevk Perović . photos: © Ana Skobe

The starting point for the program and material design, given by the user, was the desire to connect the new rehabilitation center with the cosy learning environment and not the institutional environment of the hospital – people will learn new everyday life at the center and not medical institution.

The NC CRSS program represents a specific combination of content with medical, educational and counseling functions. The program contents are organized in two sets: ‘closed’ programs that enable intimacy (private consultations and hearings …) and ‘open’ programs that enable connection (polygon, model apartment, lecture hall, meeting room…).

Closed programs are made as wooden volumes that articulate and define the entire space. Following the example of the open floor plan, open programs are distributed among wooden volumes, which creates flexibility / openness / connection and the possibility of constant parallel events or the course of various activities.

The distribution of volumes follows the program requirements – creating spaces and at the same time maintaining the existing quality of openness and height of the space. The whole space is the result of the cooperation of all new elements: wooden volumes, spaces between volumes, furniture elements and curtains – together they form an open, connected and at the same time intimate space.

address: Grablovičeva ulica, Ljubljana
client: UKC Ljubljana and Ministry of Health RS

project: 2019 – 2022

Bevk Perović project team:
Vasa J. Perović
Matija Bevk
Valentin Tribušon Ovsenik
Irene Salord Vila
Antonia Rubić

photo: Ana Skobe