kollektiv marudo

new school building with kindergarten und primary school . solothurn

kollektiv marudo . zulauf & schmidlin architekten – building & construction management – . photos: © rasmus norlander

The typology of the school building mediates directly between interior and exterior space with its exterior staircases – strengthened with an arcade surrounding the whole building. This covered outdoor space is an access, meeting and recreation area at the same time. The circular staircases have their entry and exit at the same point and directly connect the entrances of the building.

The basic structural-architectural principle is based on the need for spatial flexibility. The static framework is built in concrete and based on a modular principal. A precise grid divides and connects the school rooms. A wooden lightweight construction consisting of facade elements, space-creating cabinets and doors in the interior fill and connect the visible concrete skeleton. The raw school building forms the basis for a flexible appropriation of the future users.

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kollektiv marudo

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