DBLV Dierendonck-Blancke-Lust-Van De Ghinste


DBLV Dierendonck-Blancke-Lust-Van De Ghinste architecten

Located between Ghent’s inner ring road and a nature reserve, the request was to replace an decayed residential block with 44 ground-level homes. However, the structure of this building still has great potential. It is proposed to thoroughly renovate and resolutely opt for a compact residential building within the existing structure.

The existing building has been completely stripped and internally reorganized, only the circulation cores are retained. The former mono-oriented apartments are transformed into 44 transversal duplex apartments. These duplex apartments in different types, form a three- dimensional puzzle within the rigid basic structure. The full depth of the building is utilized. A light steel structure across the full width of the west facade creates generous balconies that are extensions of the apartments.

Along both sides of the renovated residential block, a new, free-standing residential volume with 6 units each is built. By means of external passerelles, these two volumes are connected to the main building, thus getting rid of an internal circulation.