ARTEC Architekten

B – B residence . Bocksdorf

ARTEC Architekten . photos: © Paul Ott

The property to be utilized for the holiday home extends from a little-used road via the crest of a hill with a view southwest to the sloping hillside. The house consists of a large space (60 square meters) for the owners and a guest room half that size.

The units are linked by an open space between them that, with the assistance of sliding doors, can be transformed into a communication-fostering buffer zone. The two boxes rest on a deck; above them is a roof equal in size to the deck. The roof’s overhang shields the house from direct solar radiation and thus keeps it from overheating.

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl
Ronald Mikolics, Helmut Lackner
models: Julia Beer, Lena Schacherer, Burkhard Schelischansky, Anna-Maria Wolf

Paul Ott
ARTEC Architekten