Bianco Gotti

New farewell hall . Pandino

Bianco Gotti . New farewell hall . Pandino Flooer studio afasia (4)

Bianco Gotti architetti . photos: © Flooer studio

The farewell hall is located in an unassuming, low density residential area comprised largely of detached or semi detached houses.
This project fits comfortably with its surroundings without compromising its own distinctive character, its structural rigour referencing the nearby Visconteo Castle.

The sensitive use of this building in relation to its surroundings are the parameters that define the primary elements of the design; simplicity and clarity being the foundations for bringing order to complexity. The forms that shape the building lie in the juxtaposition of simple volumes that reflect a desire for order. The rigour and abstract nature of these volumes is contrasted by the unevenness of the soft brick facades, whose irregularities create surfaces with constantly changing shadows.
The building strives to be welcoming and familiar, a place of remembrance. Being street facing makes it a house among other dwellings, the only opening onto the street front is for the administrative offices and showroom.

The two halls lie opposite each other and each open onto a small narrow secret garden that runs between the external wall and the volume. These halls share a spacious foyer where there is also a block for services.
Natural light filters through the transparent walls overlooking the garden while a large full height window lights the first floor.
Two skylights light the stairwell and the hall on the first floor, providing the rooms with intense overhead light, offering a suggestive, silent and welcoming atmosphere.

New farewell hall in Pandino

location: Pandino, Italy
projet: Bianco Gotti architetti
client: private
design: 2018-2019
completion: 2019-2020
site area: 848 m2
gross floor area: 430m2
photos: Flooer studio