ampe.trybou architecten

Nursery school “d’Oefenschool” . Blankenberge

School Maerlant Blankenberge by Ampe Trybou architecten

ampe.trybou architecten . photos: © Dennis De Smet

Nursery school “d’Oefenschool” on the green Maerlant campus in Blankenberge replaced three outdated pavilions and a class container for a sustainable, ecological building with seven nursery classes and a sleeping class.

The classes are organized around a courtyard and a spacious hall. The courtyard/patio is introverted and soberly designed and materialized as a place of rest in the dynamic whole.

The natural light is drawn in as much as possible.

The rooftop is supported by one loadbearing concrete wall (closed square) that has been left exposed. Together with the internal simple wooden cladding it creates bright, warm spaces.

There’s a focus on diversity of indoor and outdoor spaces, changes of atmosphere and views. Education can be organized in classes, on duplexes, in the hall, the patio or the covered playground. You can work with small and large groups, there are open and closed work and play areas, small corners, quiet areas, … to encourage children’s creativity and imagination.

All spaces are light and open and are visually and often physically connected to each other.

The outer insulated timber frame structure is cladded with temperature-treated wood. A concrete skirting all around is both a climbing device, blackboard and bench.

The slope of the green roof in the green environment is deliberately kept as low as possible. Because of its simple and compact volume, it blends modestly in the green environment, the impact remains limited.

client: scholengroep Impact, Brugge
structural and technical engineer: Stabitec, Brugge
contractor: Bouwonderneming Canneyt, Oostkamp