Municipal Archives . Felanitx

AULETS. Municipal Archives . Felanitx afasia (2)

AULETS . photos: © José Hevia

The plot is part of the historic centre of Felanitx. This is a place built by overlapping plots, patios, terraces and walls, a legacy that remains in the plot as part of the material history of the building and the city. In the same way, the building is a sequence of constructions and materials that gathers together within it the construction systems of the territory of Mallorca.

The new volume, intended for municipal archives, forms part of the anonymous and humble architecture of the surroundings, like just another house in the town, open to the street through small gaps but showing its archival character with a great opening between the roof and the wall. Inside are two large rooms: on the ground floor a vaulted space that does not touch the brick cladding, and on the first floor a wooden roof that floats above the walls. The building was constructed out of five materials; concrete, ceramics, wood, iron and lime. These five materials have been worked by five craftsmen who express their knowledge in the building through their work. The ground floor receives filtered light that illuminates the documents but without damaging them; on the contrary, the vaulted, more shady space protects the books and also houses a consulting room surrounded by documents that tell the story of Felanitx.

The Municipal Archive represents a set of pre-existing construction systems and documents that tell the material, constructional and lived history of the territory in which it is located.

Client: Ajuntament de Felanitx
Location: Felanitx, Mallorca.
Architecture: Aulets
Architecture collaborator: Lluis Martorell
Structural engineer: Alfons Romero
Architectural Technologist: –
Prime constructor: Construcciones Marin
Built aerea: 196 m2
Project date: 2014
Project complete: 2018
Total bugdet: 250.000€