Építész Stúdió

Residential housing . Kőbánya

Építész Stúdió . Residential housing . Kőbánya (1)

Építész Stúdió . photos: © Gergely Kenéz

This residential project was realised on an interesting site in the outskirts of Budapest. The underground water reservoir of Pest is located right behind the plot, and on one side we find a public park. This ensures that the environment stays natural for the long term, in an otherwise dense residential area.

Regulations made it possible to build a relatively big house compared to the neighbouring buildings. To keep the scale of the project fitting with its surroundings, we decided to divide it into two blocks connected by an entrance area, the garage and a common garden on its roof. This also helped to recreate the original inclination of the site, which had been mined previously.

To reduce the scale even more, the blocks were articulated as additive elements, so we could create elevated terraces and gardens for the apartments on higher levels. This way the house feels like several family houses composed into a whole, rather than a residential block divided into apartments.

Architecture – Építész Stúdió / Tamás Fialovszky, Tamás Ábrahám, Gergely Kenéz
Developer & Construction – János Hajdú
Photos – Gergely Kenéz