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House of Arts of the city of České Budějovice presents its first exhibition of architecture this year by Sweden’s Tham & Videgård studio.

This progressive studio creates works characterized by a highly sensitive approach that takes into account the context of the place and the specific conditions of each project. Tham & Videgård typically become actively involved in the entire process, all the way from developing the first proposals to supervising the actual building process on-site.

For their first exhibition in the Czech Republic, the architects have put together a new exhibition project representing their recent work, with a focus on the importance of “detail” in contemporary architecture.

In discussing their exhibition, the architects say, “Architecture is about the future. A building remains in place for centuries, so it’s not just about the present but it is also a way of transcending history into the future. From this point of view, all ordinary circumstances influencing the design of a new building or new urban environment are secondary to the building’s impact and quality – i.e., its influence on the living environment, its architectural integrity and function, and its ability to express the ideas and ideals of society. And the only thing that matters is the final outcome. From this perspective, the exhibition tries to present a discussion that we are constantly returning to in our studio’s everyday work. In this discussion, we seek the primary characteristics of a building and explore how a building is influenced by its visual aspects and details.”

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter – in Detail
Date 04.05. – 03.06.2018
Curator Michal Škoda