Reinhard Mucha

UNTITLED (MILCH), 1:1 . 1979

Reinhard Mucha . UNTITLED (MILCH), 11 . 1979 (1)

photos: © Gina Folly . + Sprüth Magers

Starting in the 1980s, numerous widely regarded exhibitions earned the Düsseldorf-born artist Reinhard Mucha international renown. His show Nordausgang at the Kunsthalle in Basel in 1987 was a groundbreaking achievement. Mucha now ranks among the most important artists of his generation. Works such as Wartesaal, [1997], 1979–1982 and Das Deutschlandgerät, [2002],1990—the artist often revisits and reworks earlier pieces—witness to how he interweaves his role as an artist with contemporary concerns and questions of art history.
Kunstmuseum Basel