Stags House . Plaine de Caen

QUINTON . Stags House . Plaine de Caen (1)

Jean-Christophe QUINTON, Architecte . photos: © Guillaume Ramilien . © Jean-Christophe Quinton . © Grabriel Loinger-Beck

In the middle of the Plain of Caen, the Philippe Family’s residence and their farm hangar folds to confront the prevailing winds. This inflection creates a haven in its crease : this place is sheltered, sunlit, visually open on to all the site.


Large openings make the house completely see through and assure a multitude of perceptions on the environment from each room.

The house has a cellular concrete structure that guarantees exemplary thermal performances.
This ‘hard-core’ is covered by a spruce clapboard cladding that consolidates the farm physiognomy.
The construction details implementation are both rudimentary and precise : the window frames are very wide, the sliding woodwork totally disappears into them.

The wooden mechanized shutters slide behind the cladding, and have openwork to finely diffuse the daylight.

Jean-Christophe Quinton
Guillaume Ramillien
Benoit Dumont
Susie Kim
Raphaël Hucliez
Henry Morgan
Taeck-Gu Lee

C’est une cosse
d’un mouvement de tête séparée
- Ce qui va germer dans la moiteur.
Habitacle végétalisé
- peau dure rêche -
dans la sieste douce
et toujours
dans l’étirement de l’aube.

Florent Schwartz

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