Nursery and primary school “DE TOL” . Riemst

Dierendonckblancke . Nursery and primary school “DE TOL” . Riemst (1)

Dierendonckblancke Architects . photos: © Filip Dujardin

The project site is located in the town centre of Herderen, in between church and cemetery, a small park and a day care centre. The site has a 3m level difference, which is exploited to arrange access to the school.

The school exists of two three story rectangular volumes. The shifted configuration of these volumes creates two corners/‘armpits’ where the entrances are located. By pushing the volumes against the steep level drop, a separate access to each level can easily be organised.
The lower level houses the nursery school that has its own playground, adjacent to the day care centre. A wide hall in between class rooms serves as an indoor playground or lunch room for the toddlers.
The primary school’s main entrance is located above, at the level of the church, and has another playground. This level houses the school’s administration and a multi use hall that serves as a refectory for the primary school. After school hours and during weekends, the hall is used as a neighbourhood centre by various social & cultural associations.
The upper level contains the primary school’s class rooms. High up in the trees, they overlook the town’s green surroundings. The spacious hall in between the class rooms can be used for communal activities.
An open staircase and adjacent atrium (double height space) provide views throughout the whole school.

Program Nursery and primary school with multi use hall

Location Sint-Jansstraat – 3770 Riemst

Design team Dierendonckblancke Architects

Collaborators Koen Schoukens Corné Schep Pierre De Brun

Consultants Studiebureau Cobe (structure) Studiebureau Boydens (technics)

Client Municipality Riemst

Surface area 1 881 m2

Completion 2016

Photography Filip Dujardin