Paul Chan

Oh why so serious? 2008

© Paul Chan. Photo Bisig & Bayer

+ Schaulager . domusweb

Paul Chan is prototypical of his generation, exploiting the potential of the World Wide Web and its information overkill to excess, redesigning it and establishing links with goal-oriented, unbridled enthusiasm. He is as versed in making videos and installations, in drawing and painting, as he is in writing and lecturing. Continue reading Paul Chan


Becky Beasley

Fall . 2014

+ Francesca Minini

September marks the beginning of Autumn, or Fall, as it is more commonly known in the united States. Following her recent explorations of Spring, Beasley turns here to our ‘second spring’, to explore the Autumnal moment as a sculptural proposition. Here, however, the physical and temporal fall is a suspended moment, photographic in its interruption of time in space. Continue reading Becky Beasley


Seth Price

Animation Studio . 2014

Photos: Florian Kleinefenn . + Galerie Chantal Crousel

Price’s envelope pieces employ handmodeled and pigmented polymer surfaces and screen-printing to create trompe-l’oeil images of torn envelopes on rough plywood. A piece of plywood, a piece of paper, an envelope: all embody the contradiction of being “wood products.”… Continue reading Seth Price