K2S Architects

Kamppi Chapel Façade Detail . Helsinki

K2S Architects . photos: © Tuomas Uusheimo

The Kamppi Chapel is located on the south side of the busy Narinkka square in central Helsinki. It offers a place to quiet down and compose oneself in one of Finland’s most lively urban spaces. With its curved wood facade, the small sacral building flows into the city scape. Simultaneously the chapels gently shaped interior space embraces visitors and shields them from the bustling city life outside. Continue reading K2S Architects


Marchi Architectes

Normandy Black House . Façade detail

Marchi Architectes . photos: © FG+SG architectural photography

The client wanted to move the living spaces to a more open and transparent spaces, in order to free some spaces in the old house. A unique volume is set up, arranging kitchen, living and dining room. From the interior, wide views are offered on the garden and on landscape. Continue reading Marchi Architectes