Carlos Fernández-Pello

Antibody (O) . 2020
Antibody (O) . 2020

+ Luis Adelantado

For more than ten years, Fernández-Pello’s practice has been interested in the secret life of the artworks. His line of work oscillates between the useful, the design object, the useless, youtube, contemplation, the rest of the work, painting, images for Vevo or teaching. As if they were entities with their own agency, he is interested in thinking about what a work does when it is stored, when it breaks, when it wears out or when time passes and it gets old. When it is not exposed. Through a kind of auto-ethnography in which his own history converges with the angular times of things, Fernández-Pello accumulates a formal curriculum of his works, seeing how they change, how they regress, how they dress into other things, how a painting disguises itself as sculpture or how a t-shirt becomes a painting, redefining not only what they are but questioning the very concept of being something.
Luis Adelantado