Gianni Caravaggi

when nature was young . 2020

+ kaufmann repetto

All of a sudden the trees in this courtyard with their various shapes, leaves and their different shades make me think that at theirorigin there was a matrix that destined them to take on the appearance they have now. Dazed by this thought, I feel as if I have been creating and designing this matrix, this mold, as if it were the beginning of time: at that moment I have the sensation of kneading green dough, like when you’re making cookies, and in a playful way experimenting with and discovering the colors and forms of the leaves, cutting them up and pressing them into the mixture and in the end leaving the print of my hand on it; a hand which is not mine because it looks like a leaf. Nature is young. Every so often it astonishes me and the leaves seem to take on form and life from a mineral matrix, that of Verde Guatemala marble.
Gianni Caravaggio